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Art prints found in the classical category are loved by art enthusiasts around the world. These traditional art prints are what you would find in museums and galleries. Hanging these art prints in your space show that you have sophisticated taste and also show your appreciation for art masters.
Popular Classical Styles
The Birth of Venus
The Last Supper
Creation of Adam (hands detail)
Study for a Ceiling
Framed Renaissance Art
Renaissance style art emerged in the 15th century in Italy and spread throughout the rest of Europe. It included the High Renaissance and Mannerism styles.

There are many popular classical artists and paintings that are classified as Renaissance artwork. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raphael are a few of the well known and popular artists in this style. Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous artist for this art style. Paintings in this style of art include natural and bold colors with people and angels being popular subjects. has a large selection of Classical Art prints to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect print for your home.
Christ Blessing
Master from Mileseva
Gerusalem Memo
Classical Monet Art

Make Your Room Colorful With Byzantine Art

Byzantine Art derives from the Roman empire of Byzantine. This form of classical art was created using brighter and bolder colors. A beautiful piece with bold pink and orange colors like the "Master of the Icon of the Trinity" would be a great addition to a space that is dominated with dark colors. That way, the painting itself will pop in the room and add that special pop of color to the space. Another beautiful painting, "Madonna" has black in the painting, but the brighter orange and pink colors are dominant. This painting would work with any decor.

Map of the Main Stars in the Visible Realm, (The Vatican Collection)
Christ Blessing
Angels Playing Musical Instruments, Vatican Collection
Garten von Montgeron
San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight (Dusk in Venice), c.1908
Irises, Saint-Remy, c.1889
The Death of Marat, 1793
Greek Goddess Eos, the Goddess of Dawn
Neoclassical Beauties
Neoclassical is another beautiful style of classical art that would greatly enhance your home. A good room in which to hang this particular type of classical art would be a living or dining room. Another good place would be in a study or quiet room since the art style shows more of the peaceful and angelic side of classical prints.

Famous artists from the neoclassical period included William Adolphe Bouguereau and Jacques-Louis David. They most commonly created artwork of angels and other mythological figures.

Enhancing Your Space

When you do not have the inspiration needed to decorate key areas in your home, classical art prints will help spark inspiration with its timeless look. This form of art is called classical for a good reason. It has been admired for many centuries after it was introduced. Trends come and go but a collection of classical art paintings is bound to retain its value while capturing that special fragrance of a famous museum. Depictions of beautiful women, legends, myths and contemplative atmospheres were common in these works. However, some primary characteristics of this movement are their brilliant, vivacious colors and even lighting, which were in direct contrast of the accepted artistic techniques of their time. These artists believed in organic expression that was developed by the minds and hearts of those who developed art, rather than believing in impersonal formulas and technical renderings.

The Night Cafe in the Place Lamartine in Arles, c.1888
The Olive Trees, c.1889
A Wheat Field with Cypresses, c.1889
Vitruvian Man
Winged Lionesses, (The Vatican Collection)
Portail de Temple, (The Vatican Collection)
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