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Art is something that, when done properly, is both timeless and powerful. Some of the world's most famous paintings were created in the last six centuries, and they are still admired to this day because their appeal and relevance transcends the boundaries of time while still retaining the qualities of the cultures which gave them life.
The thing about art is that it transcends time, and you do not necessarily need a stamp to tell you when it was created and by whom, to enjoy it. Nevertheless, those who are equally concerned about authenticity and strive to put things into perspective, will definitely appreciate the collection of Fine Art by Era posters up for sale at The artwork is authored by famous painters and includes different art styles and movements, making it easy to set up a coherent assembly.
Art Through the Ages
Mona Lisa
Virgin and Child 'Madonna with the Iris', 1508
16th Century Artwork
The Renaissance in Europe gave rise to many famous 16th Century paintings from artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. The art from this period reflects the intellectual and social advancements of the era which helped create the transition into Modernism.

These era paintings are both inspiring and beautiful, and the artistic shift towards realism and accuracy during this period created art that is clean and well-defined. Art from this era is a perfect choice for an area with a classical feel, and helps you to create an atmosphere that speaks of enlightenment and cultural significance.

Many famous art images were created during the 16th century. These works are instantly recognizable to many modern art enthusiasts, such as the 'Mona Lisa' by Da Vinci, 'Creation of Man' by Michelangelo and 'The Madonna Del Granduca' by Raphael. These Renaissance paintings, and many more, are some of the building blocks from which modern art was shaped.
16th Century Artists
Girl with a Pearl Earring, c.1665
Return of the Prodigal Son, c.1668
Adoration of the Magi, 1610
St. George and the Dragon, c.1606
Artwork by era
17th century art was characterized by Baroque painting styles. These works signaled the end of the Renaissance and led to a diverse and fascinating study of art that focused on new methods of composition and color theory. The most famous painters of the Baroque Period were Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt.

Many historically famous images can be found in 17th century art. These works were developed by highly talented artists who viewed their art in a different way than the Renaissance artists. One of the largest differences was the change to Baroque-style painting techniques. These dramatic art prints defied Renaissance convention by depicting the subject matter at its highest point of tension, rather than just before. Another change came in the form of Orientalist art, which focused artists attention on other cultures, as seen in the historically famous print, 'Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665' by Johannes Vermeer.
17th Century Artists
The Witches' Sabbath
The Parasol, 1777
The Death of Marat, 1793
18th century artwork
The eighteenth century in Europe is often called a time of Enlightenment. It was a time of great political and social upheaval which included the French and American revolutions. New ideas were developing that shaped the culture and artistic heritage of Europe. The artistic movements and styles of this period included Rococo, Neoclassical and Byzantine.

The Rococo style originated in France as a reaction against the strict design and formality of the Baroque period. It is ornate, uses light colors and is playful with witty themes. Some of the famous painters included Francisco De Goya, Jean-Honore Fragonard, Thomas Gainsborough and Canaletto
18th Century Artists
Blossoming Almond Tree, Saint-Remy, c.1890
The Artist's Garden at Giverny, c.1900
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
19th era art
Some of the strongest artistic movements began in the 19th century and this was also the time when numerous masterpieces were created. The Romantic movement had dominated art since the late 18th century and reached its peak during the early half of the 19th century. Romanticism evoked high emotions and drama. Several new styles emerged in the latter half of the century such as Realism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism and Art Nouveau. The Realist movement sprung up in the 1850s as a revolt against Romanticism. It sought to portray real life and situations. Gustave Courbet was a leading Realist painter. Impressionism was born shortly after led by Claude Monet and Pierre-August Renoir among others. It used innovative painting techniques to create a unique style of art. Art Nouveau was most popular during 1890 to 1910 and was a very decorative style as found in the artwork by Gustav Klimt.
19th Century Artists
Poppy, 1927
Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red), 1949
Pates Baroni, 1921
20th century paintings
The 20th century was all about diversity and artists grew bolder than ever before when expressing their feelings and ideas through art. It was a period of massive change that turned the art world on its head. From art that verged on the traditional to works that pushed the boundaries of modernism, the 20th Century had it all. As a result, there are thousands of 20th Century posters to admire at and those who land on these pages are likely to spend a lot of time browsing. While this experience is to some extent similar to a museum visit, the obvious perk is that at the end of the tour, you can easily wrap up your favorite 20th Century painting and take it home.

Some of the most influential artists of the 20th Century include Picasso, Warhol, Dali, Pollock, Lichtenstein and Rothko. Each brought a unique style that is instantly recognizable.
20th Century Artists
Art Styles through the Eras
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