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Custom Framed Wall Mirrors for the Living Room, Hallway, Dining Room, or Bathroom

Custom Framed Wall Mirrors
You take pride in your wall decor. Our custom framed, all-glass wall mirrors not only add style, class, and sophistication to any room, but with over 40 frames to choose from, you can inject your own personal touch. Whether you're looking for a vintage decorative mirror for your living room or hallway or a practical and durable mirror to spruce up your master bathroom, gives you what you need at a fair price. You'll find decorative mirrors, antique mirrors, bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, textured mirrors, entry mirrors, fireplace mirrors, chic contemporary mirrors, ornate mirrors, or traditional mirrors. Each mirror is custom framed just for you by our team of trained experts. And of course, all our wall mirrors are unconditionally guaranteed. Each framed wall mirror is available in six standard sizes from 16" x 20" to 30" x 40". (Need a different size, just give us a call.) And all of the mirrors are available with beveled glass.
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How to Choose the Perfect Wall Mirror
Questions our customers ask us...
Why Do Top Decorators Recommend Framed Wall Mirrors?
Wall mirrors reflect light so they make any room seem brighter and larger. Put a wall mirror opposite a window and it bounces the light around. Lean one against a wall in a dining area and it reflects the fixture above the table, doubling the amount of light.
What's the Biggest Mistake People Make When Selecting a Framed Wall Mirror?
They don't consider the usage. Do you want the mirror to be function, decorative, or both? A wall mirror for your master bathroom needs to be used and withstand the rigors of water, toothpaste, and shaving cream. While a living room or hallway mirror needs to look good and be admired.
Can a Framed Wall Mirror Make Me Look Great?
Place a mirror next to the door you use most frequently - could be a garage door if that's your normal path - and you can get one last look at yourself before you walk out of the house. A 16" x 16" mirror is the perfect size.
Should I Match the Frame of the Wall Mirror with My Furniture?
If you have wood furniture, then make sure to choose a wood frame in the same general family. Use a warm, golden wood if your furniture is oak or pine. Dark cherry frames go well with reddish mahogany pieces. The same principal holds for metal frames. Use the main metal in the room as your guide.
How Does My Wall Color Impact the Frame Color?
Typically you want your frame to stand out. Use a darker color frame if your walls are light and vice versa. Another alternative is to choose a frame with a different undertone than the wall shade to create a natural contrast. Your frame should always fit into the room decor. Basic black, white, or wood tone frames compliment virtually any decorating scheme. Gilded metals like gold or silver add a posh look that fits formal or modern decor well.
What Does a Beveled Look Do?
A beveled mirror adds a touch of elegance to your wall, giving your mirror a sleek, finished look. The outer edges of the mirror are cut to a specific angle giving it a framed look. The effect is similar to a mat in a framed art print. This process leaves the glass thinner around the edges, while the large middle portion remains the same. The beveled edge ranges from between 1/4" and 1-3/4" depending on the size of the glass mirror. Beveling has no impact on the durability of a mirror.
What's the Right Size for My Mirror?
If your framed wall mirror is above a piece of furniture, the mirror should always be narrower than the furniture. Picking a mirror roughly two-thirds the size of the piece is a good guide. So if you have a 60" love seat, our 30" x 40" mirror would be perfect. You could go a little wider, but anything narrower may feel lost.
What If I Don't See the Size I Need?
Give us a call. Each of our wall mirrors are custom framed and built especially for you. We can probably create the mirror to your exact specifications.
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