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Reviews From Our Customers

Fulcrum Gallery was incredibly easy to work with, and the time between making my selection and receiving my art was very acceptable at about seven days, considering that it is matted and framed by hand, and then individually inspected.

-Monroe Misfit Makeup

The service was awesome. Picking out the art print was easy and ordering it was even easier.

-Dogs N Pawz

I would definitely recommend Fulcrum Gallery if you're looking for a gift for a horse enthusiast, or just some horse art work for your own home or office.

-Cow Girl Diary

If you're in the mood to redecorate Fulcrum Gallery is a great option, no buying a print, dragging it to the frame shop, then paying a small fortune for framing. How many prints do you have laying around the house that you've been meaning to get framed? Fulcrum Gallery does it all in just a few easy steps.

-Dolly the Doxie

They are pretty confident that you will love their pieces that they offer a 100% refund if returned within 30 days, no questions asked.

-Mary's Cup of Tea

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for decor or looking to have their own photos framed or put on canvas.

-Loved by a Collie

Being honest, I have to say I really couldn't find any cons. The process of picking out all the options was simple. We received our piece in less than a week, with all hardware needed for hanging, and it was well packaged and in pristine condition.

-Wag N Woof Pets

The picture is very bright and vibrant. The frame is perfect and well made. It is not to big, but not to small either. Shipping is fast.

-Sweet Southern Lovin

My shopping experience was wonderful. Shopping at Fulcrum Gallery is so easy! You can narrow down your selection in so many different ways.

-Peanut Butter and Whine

The whole online shopping experience was so simple and I had so many options available to me that I could make my animal art print PERFECT for ME. Love!

-Home Jobs by Mom

Anyway, it is such good quality that in person everyone who has been thought it was a painting and not a print which it is. The gold Milan frame is also great quality and looks like a solid wood frame which is great for us apartment living folk who would rather not have to put anchors in our walls to hold up a heavy frame.

-Lanie Buck

I highly recommend Fulcrum Gallery. They provide quality work and an easy online shopping experience. A+ in my book because I didn't have any cons about their service or quality.


I'm just thrilled with the amount of customization you can make to the artwork you choose! The Fulcrum Gallery picture changes with the options so you will see what your artwork will look like. But, really the website didn't do this picture justice. It's so beautiful in person. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am beyond thrilled!!

-Connie G.

My art arrived in a well constructed box that I feel could withstand any sort of deliver trauma, and included the hardware to hang it on the wall.

-My Rotten Dogs

There is no way you can go wrong if you order a print from Fulcrum Gallery. We love our art print! We think it is absolutely beautiful!

-Lisa B.

Keeping money and jobs here in the USA is important to me and I am glad to have found a retailer their sticks to those values as well. Good job!

-D&D Kimball Road

We LOVE our framed print and would happily deal with Fulcrum Gallery again. It looks fabulous in our brand new home. Thanks Fulcrum Gallery!

-Bernie the Frenchie

The quality of this picture is really amazing, it is so crisp and just stunning all around! I am beyond impressed with the quality and customer service from Fulcrum Gallery!

-Chic N Savvy Reviews

This company did a great job with the handling of my art and putting the picture together and it was shipped to me in a timely manner as well!

-Dani's Decadent Deals

I couldn't help but touch the painting at first glance. It definitely looked like I have a real painting in my hand. Upon further inspection from side to side, it is incredible to see the depths of the paint so real that you might think I have the original art.

-Gift Princess

It was very well packaged to protect the contents in transit. I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight the finished product was because of the Plexiglas instead of regular glass.

-Greatly Blessed

I received the product in good condition and with no damage. The item is properly handled by placing it into a more secured or safe box.

-Mary Anne

Fulcrum Gallery actually frames/constructs the posters and canvases themselves and they ship from New Jersey. The canvas' quality was great and the art design has a cool distressed design.

-Jasmine L.

I had a great experience from start to finish. And I would recommend to all. Exceptional service and quality art that surpassed all my expectations.

-Cali Girl Hunting 4 Deals

All the orders are built over by skilled framed craftsmen to ensure quality and satisfaction.

-Diva Likes

If you're in the mood to redecorate Fulcrum Gallery is a great option, no buying a print, dragging it to the frame shop, then paying a small fortune for framing.


While I loved the image on the online store website, I fell in love with the picture all over again when I was able to hold it in my hands.

-Inspired by Savannah

When we got our package, Kyliee was so excited! She opened the box and just hugged the picture. All she kept saying was "moose sissah" it's a moose. We were thrilled with ours and we hope you will be too.

-Little Angel on a Mission

The print arrived within a week after I ordered it. I was very pleased with the way it look.

-Mom Knows Best

The canvas turned out great. It looked exactly like the preview on the order page and it arrived in excellent condition with mounting hardware on the back. I have to say that the entire process was very easy and we are very pleased with the final product.

-Small Biz Dad

I love my new print. It's beautiful, and very calming to look at. I've received a lot of compliments on this print and have had many people ask me for the name of the website so they can go check it out.


The prices were also reasonable and most of the prints were on sale. It was better than going to a store and feeling discouraged because of the small amount of choices. The art pieces came nicely packaged to us.

-Sweetly Made Just for You

Much to my surprise it shipped super fast. I was e-mailed as soon as it was shipped. I loved this because I was able to track its progress all the way to it's final destination.

-Home Grown Hearts Academy

The entire process was very easy and each time you click on a frame or mat option, the image on your screen changes instantly, allowing you to see exactly how the combination looks. I really loved this!

-Lap Dog Creations

I was very impressed with the shipping, it was very well protected and came in a large box to secure the print safely in the middle. And when I opened it up, I knew I was in love!

-Life of a Busy Mommy

They make it easy to hang the piece level and keep it level (no more constantly adjusting frames that have shifted).

-Little Ella Lu

I took it out of the box and looked at it and I literally got chills. The vibrant colors of the ocean matched exactly to the way the ocean looked in the Bahamas. I was stunned. I couldn't stop looking at it and was completely blown away.

-Minnesota From Scratch

My painting turned out gorgeous! The picture on the website doesn't do it justice. To see the actual painting is awesome! As you can tell, I am very proud of it!

-Miss Molly Says

I like how you can customize size, frames, and mats.

-Olivia Frescura

The print came quite quickly and was well-protected in the packaging.

-Sincerely Stacie

The frame took a few weeks to arrive but it arrive VERY well packaged, I was actually a little worried it would come broken but they did a good job at packing it in a way that would insure it would arrive safe.

-Stephs Cheers and Jeers

I was able to choose the color of my frame and the background. I am so pleased with it! It is such a nice piece of art and it goes perfectly with my bedroom theme.

-Thriving on Your Budget

My Father in Law put this up above our couch in the living room, as it's the only one for now. He mentioned how easy and fast it was to put it up, and has stayed put so far.

-Tiffany Reviews

What is really cool is that you can choose the size that you want, your mat color, how many mats that you want and even your frame color &style! There are so many options that you truly can get a customized &unique look.

-Two Classy Chics

I really LOVE that you have all of those options available to you as it allows you to be the creative designer!


The back was already securely wired for hanging, and there was even a little package with a nail and hook to put in the wall

-Cow Girl Diaries

The picture is very peaceful to me. I give them a 5 star review!!

-Carla D'aguanno

I was so excited that it was here and looked even better in person. The best part? The hanging system that was already installed on the back of the artwork. It made it so easy to hang.

-Ever After in the Woods

You can search specific rooms, styles, subjects, artists and even get your own art framed. My favorite section is the framed unique art, it just has more of that quirky personality expression I love.


I had a great experience with and I look forward to browsing their site again in the future. There really are just so many things that it can get a little overwhelming if you don't have something specific in mind.

-Frugal Ginger

I think it's worth it to dress things up, and I look forward to adding more pieces to our home, old and new.


After the order was placed it took only a little over a week to receive and the packaging was fantastic! I love how much protection they provided my print to make sure I received it in excellent condition.


The best part about this photo is due to it's size my son loves looking at it as we walk up and down the steps. He can't pass it without pointing out himself and "Dada."

-Married Filing Jointly

I am very pleased with this piece of artwork! I love that you are able to select from so many different finishing options when ordering!

-Me Hom and the Cats

tons of frames to choose from! This piece of art is totally customized FOR ME!! I couldn't be more pleased!

-Peanut Butter and Whine

The framing we were able to review with this piece is the Teak Petite Box Frame which in all honesty, feels more expensive then the artwork itself looks. It is a great frame which really adds depth to the picture.

-Real Reviews by Savvy K

I received the product in good condition and with no damage. The item is properly handled by placing it into a more secured or safe box. The delivery time of the item was also fast. All in all I love the result of my canvas.

-Rhian Vinzon

Overall I love this company and I think they have amazing things on their website. I like how you can choose your own favorite artwork that they have available.


Between hanging this art above our bed, and adding a colorful quilt I had also selected ahead of time, I think it has brightened up our bedroom considerably.

-Janet K

Monet's print is breathtaking. The colors, texture, and detail makes the print gorgeous. The canvas was wrapped around the frame very nicely. I instantly fell in love with the print.

-Mommiez on a Mission

This painting is called Rejoice by Monica Stewart. The order was placed and I was sent a link that told me when the painting was going to be shipped out, it took about a week which may seem like a long time, but they transfer the art onto th canvas themselves so the wait was definitely worth the final outcome.


The canvas was nice and smooth in regard to tension. There was no bunching at the corners or laxity overall in the canvas.

-Central Minnesota Mom

Choosing this type of glass adds to the framed art's expense, but it ensures that it will look great for a longer period. The frame and mat give the print a touch of elegance that complement the hand-finished details in my dining room.

-Flora's Life

This sticker on the back verified the quality of the piece.


I unconditionally love this piece of art! The colors are vivid and it's a painting of my hometown, New York City! After all, this is not only a piece of American art but also a piece of pop art.


If you are looking for the most beautiful color photography, you should really check out their website.

-Socal City Kids

I was so excited when I received my package in the mail. The packaging was quite a bit larger than I expected it to be, but it was packaged really nice and securely.

-Squiggles Reviews

I was so excited when I received my package in the mail. The packaging was quite a bit larger than I expected it to be, but it was packaged really nice and securely.

-Coupon Friendly

I was so excited when I received my package in the mail. The packaging was quite a bit larger than I expected it to be, but it was packaged really nice and securely.


I was so excited when I received my package in the mail. The packaging was quite a bit larger than I expected it to be, but it was packaged really nice and securely.

-Squiggles Reviews

This is where Fulcrum Gallery is my favourite! There is so much to choose from and so many sizes and types that I definitely will feel no remorse while changing….

-Beauty & Everything Else

Fulcrum Gallery offers many pieces of artwork from Pop Art to American Art. Just about anything you can think of your going to be able to find it on their site.

-Bites Reviews

I was surprised the canvass didn't have any way to hang it, but am very pleased with how sturdy it is and how vibrant the colors are. As you can see it looks spectacular against my pale blue walls.


The first thing that struck me about them is the options they have available on prints. The option to shop by either style, artist, room, subject, venue and color are all on the front page for easy navigation.

-Deals Among Us

The moment I took it out the box some of my family members wanted me to give it to them.

-3 Partners in Shopping

The quality of the cherry frame is so pristine and lines up perfectly with the creme mat and the fine art print. Everything is lined up flawlessly.

-Danyel McDaniel

This is a canvas of Starry Night Over The Rhone by Van Gogh. I'm just absolutely in love with it.

-Caring for my Chaos

Overall, I'm really happy with the piece I chose and the customizations that went along with it to make this final product. It was packaged very nicely to ensure that it arrived safely. Nothing felt cheap about this and it is really good quality, from the canvas to the frame.

-Boxes for Days

The framed art came impeccable! I absolutely adore it! The frame is beautiful with tons of detail and the print is straight and vibrant. On the back is a bracket ready for hanging (and an extra) and two felt squares to protect your wall and keep the wall hanging from moving.

-A Happy Hippy Mom

What I loved about this beautiful art is that it's high quality and is done so beautifully that it looks like something you would buy at an art gallery.

-Everyday Lifes

Upon receiving the package, I was worried because an entire corner was dented in and I thought that the item inside would be damaged and that would just be really sad. But thankfully the outer box was much larger than the actual item, which was neatly centered and carefully packaged.

-Boxes for Days

I was excited to find Fulcrum Gallery. I purchased the poppy painting there and I am super pleased with the quality of it and the way it looks in my living room.

-Feeding Big

The print looks like a painting on our canvas, maybe it is. It's amazing quality. Looks high class and we're proud to have it on our wall.

-Bass Giraffe

I love how this is unique, but still breathtaking, meaningful, sacred, and symbolic.

-Dandy Giveaway

When my family arrived home they were impressed. They were shocked I measured and it on the wall myself, but they really liked the painting. I have received several compliments since then.

-Free and for me

This company offers a little bit of something for everyone, with prints for bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. They have many ways to search whether by room, subject, or color you're sure to find something you love!

-Forks and Diaper

If you are looking for that perfect piece, now is the time to check out Fulcrum Gallery.

-Five Monkies

I cannot think of any cons about Fulcrum Gallery. I absolutely love them!

-Finally Stay at Home Momma

I purchased the poppy painting there and I am super pleased with the quality of it and the way it looks in my living room.

-Feeding Big

As far as the quality goes, it is really exceptional. The frame is nice, and the print itself is beautiful.


If you find yourself needed help on anything, email customer service or give them a call, they are very sweet and will help you out.

-Fashion Shy Child

It was all very light weight, that was good. I don't like anything too heavy on my walls.

-Exee Buxs

This photo is a remarkable piece I'd have to say. It reminds me so much of this space book I used to read as a kid.

-Elite Mama Blog

I found just the piece I was subconsciously searching for-this beautiful peacock portrait.

-Dose of Reviews

Navigating their site was super easy and my order processing and shipping was super fast!

-Divas with a Purpose

I really, really like my new canvas word art that I received! Be sure to check out the FulcrumGallery website, along with their Facebook page to keep up-to-date on their artwork and promotions going on!

-Coupon Friendly

If you are planning to purchase any art work from, visit their website and check out the wonderful art pieces.

-Diva Likes

In addition to canvas and photo prints, they also offers beautiful prints and artwork. They have a wonderful variety of photo products, with easy, hassle-free ordering.

-Collected Moments

With a variety of print, laminate, frame, and canvas options, Fulcrum Gallery is sure to have something to fulfill your artistic needs.

-Discover Explore Learn

I was pleasantly impressed with the Fulcrum Gallery and was excited to shop for a new piece of flare for the freshly painted walls in my bedroom!

-Daniele H.

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