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Custom Framed Art has a wide variety of frames and matting options available to complete the look of your favorite art on canvas or art print. Created by skilled craftsmen in our NJ warehouse, Fulcrum Gallery guarantees expert, high-quality work for a fraction of other retail prices. By selecting one of our framed art options, customers can customize their art to get the perfect look, feel and style. Simply select your print or canvas art, choose your frame and display your framed art as soon as you receive it!

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Framed Prints and Framed Canvas:

Want to customize your art print or canvas transfer? Simply select the "Framing Options" or the "Frame It" buttons underneath the product you want. Once you have access to the custom frame shop, you can select any of our 45 popular framing options, including black frames, gold frames and silver frames.

Want to add some dimension to your artwork? Choose up to 3 different mats in many different colors and sizes to truly showcase your framed artwork.

With regular and non-glare glazing options for both plexi-glass and glass, you can truly customize your framed art to suit your needs. Looking to add museum quality? Select the 99% UV Protected Museum Glass to truly protect your framed art for years to come.


Crafted in the USA, we guarantee that you will love the look and feel of your new framed art. We take pride in our high quality materials and expert craftsmanshop. Because of this confidence, we have a no questions 30-Day Return policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your framed artwork for any reason, you can return it within 30 days and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

If you have any questions about our framed art or custom framing options, please give us a call at 1-877-233-7893.
We'd be happy to help!

Tips and Techniques for Framing Your Art

Framing Your Art

Matting and framing not only increase the value of a piece of art but they enhance the aesthetic quality of the art. When matting and framing your artwork make sure both compliment the piece or series not the room the art will be displayed in. Whether you want your art to be the centerpiece of the room or be a subtle additive, matting and framing are key. Not sure where to start? No problem, here are some simple tips to help you display all different types of art!

Do Not Be Afraid to Double Mat

First, do not be afraid to double mat. Double matting may sound excessive, but can actually be more complimentary than single matting. This is especially true in colorful works of art. Choose colors that can be found within the art itself.

What do I do when the artwork is monochrome?

Sometimes the best solution sounds like "either a black or white matting with a simple frame", but this is a great opportunity to be creative. What I found works best is figuring out the emotion or mood the piece of art gives off and using a colored matting to intensify that emotion or mood. Is your piece romantic and dark? Try a velvet oxblood colored mat. Or maybe your piece is joyous and carefree; try a smooth rose-colored mat. The color, texture and finish of a frame are important. Frames are normally easy to choose, but if you are not sure remember to look at the color scheme or the mood of the piece.

Does Size Matter?

The size of the artwork is something to consider as well and this is where frames are important. A thicker frame will draw more attention to a piece of art. But we need to consider a question from earlier, is this a centerpiece or a subtle additive? If you are looking to make your art a powerful statement go with a larger and more extravagant frame. If you are looking for subtly go with something smaller. Remember, it is perfectly fine to have multiple pieces of art in one room!

Hanging large pieces of art in small areas such as bathrooms or hallways is not the best idea. Large pieces of art are to be viewed from multiple distances and this cannot be achieved if the furthest you can stand back is only a few feet. Keep the larger pieces for the larger rooms. Formal living rooms and dinning areas are perfect rooms to display your best and largest pieces.

What's Your Type?

Finally, the type of art needs to be considered as well. It is not always appropriate to treat photography and paintings the same way. It is more traditional to treat photography with simple framing especially if you are framing a series or multiple photographs. Remember to trust your intuition. This is YOUR home after all!

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