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How to Hang Your Framed Artwork

All framed art ordered from comes with the framed piece as well wire hanging installed on the frame. Back frame wire method of hanging frames ensures that the framed piece will not shift once it is hung. Find out how to hang canvas art by clicking here!

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What's in the Box?

Our picture framed art come ready to hang. A no fuss process for easy wall mounting. Strong picture hanging wire is strung between the D-rings with enough slack so that the picture hangs comfortably without the wall hangers showing. We add two felt pads to the bottom frame corners to ensure scratch resistant and protective layer against your wall. The framed piece with installed Wire hanging ready to put on your wall.

Framed Art Prints
What You Will Need

1.   Wall Space for Framed Artwork
2.   Framed Art Print
3.   Screw Driver or Hammer
4.   Nail or Wall Anchor
5.   Stud finder (optional)
6.   Level


This step is best to do before you buy the framed piece. Find a place on the wall where you would like to hang the framed art. This has a better outcome when it is done before buying the frame that way you know how much space you have and you can shop for framed art by size. If you bought the frame before you mapped out where it will go, find a space in the room based on size and lighting. You do not want to place a large framed piece in a small space because it will take over and overpower the room rather than compliment it. You also want to make sure you are not placing a small piece in a large space, it will be more likely to go unnoticed.

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Another way to find a space on the wall to hang the frame is by using a stud finder. Stud finders help find the studs in the wall so you can fasten the bracket in that area. Fastening screws into the wall where a stud is supplies more support for the framed piece rather than fastening the bracket into a part of the wall that is just the wall and no stud.


After locating you wall hanging location, start buy placing the nail or wall amchor in the center location you like hang you are and hammer it or screw to the wall. For best safe nail or anchor attachement use a stud finder and hammer in to teh stud.

Framed Artwork


Once the nail or wall anchor is completely secured to the wall, take the frame and hold it so the back is facing the wall. Move the frame towards the wall and place the wire on the back of the frame onto the nail or anchor you secured on the wall. .

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Make it even Hold up the level on top of the frame, make sure it is flat against the frame for the best results. The level should also be flush against the wall. Move the frame against the wall until the level shows that the bracket is even.

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Show off your Art Now your frame is hung and ready to be shown off! Snag a pictue and share with your friends or share on social media

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You're Done!

Your framed piece is finally hung and ready to show off!!

Framed Art Prints

To see a step by step tutorial on how to hang canvas art, click here. Framed artwork ordered from comes Ready to hang. If your item arrives damaged or it does not meet your needs, contact our friendly customer service team at 1-877-233-7893 or

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