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Ryan Fowler artwork

Ryan Fowler

I draw inspiration from many things; places I travel, my new baby, advertising I see, and just observing the world around me. There's not one particular subject or theme I'm interested in. I really just enjoy the way that drawing is a process of problem solving in order to transfer the image or idea in my mind's eye to paper.

I'm not sure I have a favorite thing to illustrate. Whatever the subject matter, I enjoy putting the pencil to paper and seeing what comes out.
Ryan Fowler Art Studio

What mediums do you use and how do they come together?

Boston Terrier Brewing Co. All of my images begin as pencil drawings, but include elements of painting, printmaking, and photography. I layer these components to create a final image for output. The process allows me incorporate a great deal of elasticity in the final image and allow for customization and alteration.

I'm drawn to the simplicity, bold design, and color used in advertising. I enjoy the combination of typography and imagery and the way some advertising graphics can exist as both functional art and fine art. Advertising imagery is really a universal language we can all interpret, which is why I think it's so appealing.

What technique(s) do you use to give your artwork a vintage design?

I use a variety of painted, inked, or photographic surfaces, in addition to digital tools to apply tone and texture to my drawings.

I noticed that a lot of your art features dogs and cats. Do you have any pets?

Dogs and cats are always popular subjects. I have a Golden Retriever named Marty.

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