Use St. Patrick’s Day To Incorporate Green Into Your Home Decor

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 3. March 2016 09:00

green art collage

Green art is an excellent way to bring life into your home, and what better time to do so than one of the liveliest days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day? The color green differs in quality and mood depending on shade, creating an array of decoration possibilities that is practically infinite. Maybe you’re a St. Patrick’s Day fanatic or into the peaceful vibe nature brings, or maybe you just love the color. Whatever your motivation, adding green to your home décor adds a fresh note to even the drabbest of walls. It is a choice you won’t regret.

green bedroom

Quite a versatile color, green can evoke life in medium to dark shades or convey a more whimsical quality in brighter hues, such as lime. St. Patrick’s Day embraces green’s entire spectrum, with art offerings including a variety of colors that can all be considered called green. You’re not just limited to art, however—something as simple as adding a plant or two can do wonders on its own. Life speaks to life, and plants will surely bring the energy level in a room way up. If trying to engage family members in a lively discussion, place plants in your dining or living room. Each is a setting designed to put people at ease and socialize.

framed lucky artBorn Lucky
 Leah Flores

What happens if you are a notorious plant neglector? Don’t let go of the lively family discussion ideal just yet—many things resemble or remind people of plants and don’t need to be watered twice a week. Check out plant-inspired artwork. For Saint Patrick’s day, this is easy—just sample any one of the many prints with four-leaf clovers and rainbows. Or, if you want a lot more green and a lot less rainbow, check out simpler art pieces that focus on that single color spectrum. Search for prints that convey only four-leaf clovers or prints with four-leaf clovers and other green items in the background (they exist—you don’t need to look hard to find them).

green kitchen decor

If you’re more career-oriented than family oriented, green is still a wonderful choice for you. Plants can make your study a more productive area, inspiring you to push through that last bit of work you’re sure you don’t have the energy to complete. If you dream of pots of gold, look for festive St. Patrick’s Day prints that incorporate them. Toss some good luck into your equation, too, with a bonus four-leaf clover or two. Some prints out there are stuffed with as many St. Patrick’s Day items as possible, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a print with your preferred combination. 

No matter what kind of a person you are, you’re likely to respond well to your greener environment. This is because green has so many qualities that work in different ways. Research has proven that green has an array of positive effects. Bring green into your home and note the effects on your mood.

Add Tranquility To Your Life With Rose Quartz And Serenity Blue

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 18. February 2016 15:03

SB and RQ

We already said hello to 2016, but not many people have ushered in the colors of the year, serenity blue and rose quartz. In a world of political turmoil and everyday stress, these pastel colors can calm us down and speak peace into our lives. Now is the best time to incorporate the colors of the year into your home décor. Moreover, this is an ideal year for colors because there is not just one but two colors of the year for 2016!


Tranquility And Warmth

Rose quartz and serenity blue were chosen as 2016’s colors of the year for the feelings of tranquility and warmth that they evoke. We can all use a little more peace in our lives, so serenity blue is a timely color for the year. If the winter blues are getting to you, a touch of rose quartz will cheer you right up. Add these colors to your home décor for a greater sense of order and calmness. If you are looking forward to spring, or if you are looking for a piece of art that majors on the colors of the year, check out Sung Kim’s “Covered Bridge in Spring.” Blossoming trees highlight shades of rose in the distant Blue Mountains, and a silver-blue river flows peacefully under a covered wooden bridge.


A Duo For Relaxation

It is a bit unusual for there to be two colors of the year, but when you look at rose quartz and serenity blue together you will understand why they were chosen as a duo. These two colors complement each other perfectly, and together they accomplish more than they could alone. This is illustrated in Klaus Strubel’s “Paradise Dawn,” a glorious painting of a beachside sunrise. Swirls of rose quartz and serenity blue invite you to relax in the Adirondack chairs at the water’s edge and soak in the beauty of nature.


Accent With Frames

Since the colors of the year are so light, it is best to accentuate them with a frame. A gold frame will draw attention to the artwork and can be added to either of the pictures mentioned above as well as most of the artwork available from Fulcrum Gallery. You may also consider a black frame for a sleek finishing touch.


Color Pairings

What other shades can be paired with the colors of the year? Serenity blue stands out against dark blue and black; it can also be used with white or dark grey. For a different flavor, rose quartz can be matched with various shades of pink and red. Both serenity blue and rose quartz can be used with other pastel shades, such as green and yellow. Of course, the color combinations you choose will affect the mood of your environment. For example, a room done in pale yellow with the colors of the year will have a light and cheery air, while a room with white and pastel blue will seem nautical, and a room that adds the colors of the year to black or navy blue will feel serious and professional. Any of these combinations is magnificent; the choice is up to you and what atmosphere you want to create. Have fun and be creative with serenity blue and rose quartz this year!


Show Love This Valentine’s Day With Art

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 4. February 2016 14:43

Louise Carey	Love - Retro

Valentine’s Day, a holiday with a long history and great contemporary relevance, is just around the corner! February 14th is celebrated as love day, but it was not always a holiday like it is today. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Traditionally, people send valentines, or love notes, to show their love at this time of the year, but you can also show love by changing your décor at home or in your work place. Artwork is a perfect way to celebrate this holiday that dates back to the early centuries A.D.


About Valentine’s Day

In ancient Rome, February was the month for the fertility festival called Lupercalia. At some point around the third century A.D., the Christian church began to observe Valentine’s Day, either as a way to Christianize the pagan Roman festival, or to commemorate the martyr Saint Valentine. The history is murky, but eventually February 14th was established as the day of love, which we still celebrate today.


Inspirational Decorations

February 14th is recognized as a special day for love, but it is by no means the only day for love. You can get your décor ready for the special day by changing your wall art. At Fulcrum Gallery, you can find dozens of inspirational posters on the theme of love. “Love Conquers All Things” and “Love Is All You Need” are just two of the beautiful sayings you can find here.

 Alain Pelletier	Birds on a Wire - Love


One poster you may like in particular is Alan Pelletier’s “Birds on a Wire – Love,” an evocative yet simple depiction of two birds together in space, balanced on a wire supporting the letters L O V E.  Birds are a fitting motif for Valentine’s Day because of the historic association between romance and birds. During the Middle Ages, when the celebration of Valentine’s Day was developing into its modern form, February was thought of as birds’ mating season, hence the connection between birds and romance. If the birds like February, it must be a romantic month!



If you feel that there is nothing more romantic than Paris, Fulcrum Gallery has plenty of selections in its Romantic Art section. From prints called “Paris Romance” to Gustav Klimt’s well-known “The Kiss,” there is something sure to please your loved one this Valentine’s Day. If you or your loved one is more of a daredevil, or if you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, the black and white “Speedbound Red” may be what you are looking for.


Lips, Kissing

Decorations are great way to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and Fulcrum Gallery also has lips- and kissing-themed posters in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. These posters can be given as gifts, but using them as decorations leading up to Valentine’s Day can make the holiday even more special.


Gustav Klimt	The Kiss, c.1908 (detail, dark)



It’s All About Love

We love people every day, but Valentine’s Day gives us a special opportunity to make people feel loved. Let’s get into the spirit and make the most of the holiday!


A Message Of Hope: Inspiring MLK Art For Your Home

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 15. January 2016 09:22

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quote

Martin Luther King, Jr., a central figure in the Civil Rights Movement, preached peace in the face of brutality and died a violent death at the age of 39. His methods, shared by Mahatma Gandhi and other well-known leaders, have been praised long after his death, and he lives on through his quotes. Color your living room with the words of a great man who continues to influence millions.

These art prints evoke a sense of hope and security, even through less vibrant colors like black and white. Although simple, they remind us that the words are the focal point by refraining from using graphics that can distract from them. This provides a calming contrast to more colorful decorations in your living room. If there aren’t many other decorations, it emphasizes the minimalism in a very classy way. Martin Luther King art prints fit in just about anywhere, no matter the environment.


Just Words

Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate by Veruca Salt

Some of the most bare bones art can be the most potent. Veruca Salt’s “Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate” proves this with black, cursive-like scripts against a plain white background. Featuring only four lines of text, it offers a quote that’s easy to remember. Capitalizing the word “LOVE”’ creates a focal point near the bottom center, and it also drives home the point of the quote and reminds us of how much power love really has. This is a great print to hang in the living room to bring your family together. Family love can turn into love for your fellow man for the people who live alone. “Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate” inspires warmth and simple goodness through its minimalistic approach.

This approach is repeated for Veruca Salt’s “You Have to Keep Moving Forward – Martin Luther King Jr,” which sets King's words in a variety of texts (most frequently block text) against a dark gray background. Using large letters that take up the entire space of the poster, it is easily readable. Capitalized verbs accentuate the importance of actions, while the word “forward” is italicized to create a forward slant. Different words are bolded to add emphasis.


Words And Simple Graphics


Taylor Greene	Martin

Taylor Greene’s “Martin” uses large capitalized white print over a generic silhouette. Rather than taking away from the text, the graphic enhances it, giving King’s words an ideological context by placing it within a person’s head. That it isn’t Martin Luther King’s head isn’t a problem: rather, it echoes the belief that his approaches are universal and that anyone can benefit from using them. With this print in their living areas people can challenge themselves to put King’s ideas into practice and bring him back to life through the realization of his ideas.

Martin Luther King, Jr. art prints can bring hope and positive energy to people’s homes and provide constant motivation to love one another and work for a better future. Treat yourself to a happier life by hanging Martin Luther King’s words on your wall.

Decking The Halls With Christmas Art

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 17. December 2015 11:15

Christmas is a joyous time of year; it has evolved from a strictly religious holiday to a worldwide holiday of giving and charity. It is one of the most recognizable holidays with many iconic symbols and themes. From Santa, to snowmen, to Christmas trees. Christmas art is both stunning and special to many during the holidays. Decorating your house and trimming the tree and time honored traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Santa Claus

What rich history and fond memories come from the image of Santa Claus. No Christmas is complete without Santa, and what is more endearing than Santa art from Peggy Abrams to Donna Race some of the most renowned artists of our time, and their detailed renditions of Santa in all his glory. He brings us presents in the night with his sleigh and rain-deer shimmying down the chimney and feasting on our milk and cookies to fuel him for the rest of his journey.


Christmas Tree

Under the tree come presents. And in the stockings come treats, and that a lovely piece of art “Santa's Stocking” by Peggy Abrams fine art print is, when we think of presents and the tree we think of that big box of special dreams we asked Santa to bring us, and dream at night in hopes of getting what we so desired. Stocking hung are an age-old tradition.


Santa And Snowman 3

Santa And Snowman 3 by TheMacneil Studio

Christmas Scenes

Sledding in the park is one of the fun things that you can do in the snow Remembering your time out in the snow with your friends while you mom cooked the evening dinner, with the sun setting on the fine white snow your shivering fingers and toes.


Winter Art

The winter scenes portrayed by the legendary Ansel Adams, in “Pine Forest in the Snow, Yosimite Nation” is one of his most inspired photos and memorable themes in his trademark black and white the rich detail and flow will make you want his whole collection.



Lets build a snowman, or look at a great picture on the wall while we stay inside warm and cozy. Mary Ann June's “Snow Folk Faith” is a warm and inviting fine art print that is sure to become a family heirloom.

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year, making your house a home with fine art and starting your own new traditions with your family and children is sure to create lasting memories that you kids will be able to talk about for years to come, and when they begin to have families of their own they can pass down your traditions and start a few of their own.

Christmas Scenes

Gifts For The Manly Man!

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 10. December 2015 11:05

It has been said that finding a gift for a man is hard to do. That may be true, however, if you find creative ways to give, a lasting treasure can be found in the most obscure place. Men appreciate art in many ways, they adorn their offices, garages and man caves with art, not to mention their houses with works as complex and compelling as they are. The many ways that make a man tick are right in front of your eyes and can be as easy as buying him that six pack of beer. Don't shy away from a good art piece.


Sports art for Men

Sports Gifts

Men and sports are like bars and beer, they just go together, and are inseparable. Artwork is a solid gift that they he treasure for years to come. Our golf collection will land any gift giver on the good side of their man, and works by Ron Jenkins will make him dream of that day on the links far away from all his troubles and cares, “Azalea Hole Golf Course” will put him into a state of peace and relaxation to last all day. Go ahead and hit a hole in one with this fine gift.


Car Art

While your man may not be the next Henry Ford, there is no denying that he loves his car, and other cars. From the classics of days gone by to futuristic cars. Cars and road trips it is in his DNA and Dan Stambler's “Route 66 Diner” combines both love affairs with stunning beauty. Find some of the greatest car paintings to help the man in your life celebrate the genre. What a wonderful gift for your man. So drive home that gift with a framed work of art showcasing this American love.

Gifts To Fit That Theme

Gifts for him can be easy if you find that theme that runs through is life, is he into boating, skiing, hunting, finding that fit will make the search for the gift of art easy. And one that he will love. If you think he has everything already, then a framed picture of fine wall art will hit the spot, and a quality pic will be the final touch on that space he covets so much. In such fine photos as “Yacht Reliance at Full Sail, 1903”.  There are many framing options that can fit all different settings from the garage to the boathouse.

So remember that finding the right gift for him is not as hard as you may think. Many may think that art is not for the man in their lives, or is hard to pick something out for you man, however, that can't be more further from the truth. Find the perfect gift with our holiday gift guides

Gift Ideas for him


Gifts For Her That Will Shine

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 3. December 2015 11:05

Saying I love you to that special girl in your life is one of the best things you can do. Receiving a gift is a small touch of heaven wrapped in paradise. Whether it is for her birthday, anniversary, or just because you love her. A gift of art will be one that she can cherish for many years to come. It can be anything you can imagine, does she have a love for flowers, birds, or is she into sassy art and cutting edge, you can let your imagination run wild, and know that you gave her something from the heart that will last forever. 


gift ideas for herPainting Of Love 

To show your love, give some love, in the form of a special painting or framed art. There are many to choose from, such as “From My Heart I” from Wild Apple Studios. When it comes to showing your love a painting is forever. It can remind her everyday that you love her and miss her when you are away.

A soft bouquet of flowers wrapped in a soft pink sheet of linen paper. Or an exploding set of roses coming from a deep black vase. Those are just some of the ideas you can get from the fine flower art. In Gaetano Art Groups “Dutch Tulips II” the deep grays contrasting with the sharp pink flowers and the light green of the stems, makes this a perfect gift for her to remember how much you love her.



Wild Side Of Her

 Love can be soft and it can be wild, and gifts for her that are wild can make things exhilarating. Conjuring up the thoughts of wild mustangs on the run. Richard Murray can take your breath away, and you can take hers away with a gift of love in “Wild Horses” with a mare and stallion running free in the wild showing their love and passion for each other in full stride. The rich colors and contrasting background will fit any setting.


gifts for herDreaming The Day Away

She can dream the day away in relaxation and peace with art that will sweep her away and wrap her in daydreams. Richard Franklin and “Aphrodite's Dream in Gold Foil” would make a wonderful gift of art for her to enjoy. She can dream of the gods and goddesses with this painting as it washes all her troubles away and takes her to a far away place where the god play and the sun shines down.

Finding truly fabulous gifts for her are easy to do and fun, she will be forever in love with this art, and you for bring such joy to her life. Stating your love and devotion with art is like planting a rose or a tree in her honor, because the art piece will only grow more special over time and bring back waves of memories for many years to come. 

Kids Love Art Too, So Don't Forget The Gift!

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 26. November 2015 11:05

Seeing that look in a kids face when they get that perfect gift is worth all the time spent chasing that gift down. Underestimating the love kids have for artwork should not be overlooked. Look in any kids room and you will undoubtedly see all sorts of pictures and icons tapped or pinned to their walls, so picking out and giving them a gift of wall art is a lot easier than you think. And getting them to appreciate art at a young age will help them grow and develop their minds in new and exciting ways.


toddler boysToddler Boys

Little boys like their animals, with great works by Yuko Lau. The “Peek-a-boo bear” and Peek-a-boo Giraffe” will accent the rooms of all little toddler boys. You can find many paintings to accent a boy’s room with any color palate that you can imagine. So let your creative, and your sons creative juices flow.


Toddler Girls

gifts for girls

A little girl’s nursery should be a paradise filled with gifts for the eyes and mind that should evoke the dreams she is so entitled. Finding the right gifts for her is easy when you visit toddler art, as she may not be able to express her appreciation, she will learn to love and grow with the images and detail of the artwork. Surrounding her with classic prints will enhance her love for art and make her blossom into a young artist.


Teen Boys And Teen Girls Gifts

Nothing is more complex than a teenager, boy or girl, you have to be on top of your game and buying gifts will test your mettle. Each and every gift will be fully analyzed by your teen, but rest assured if you get your teen that high quality gift of art, you cannot loose.

Take for example your teen boy and his love for soccer, with “Ball for Soccer” his love for the game will be appreciated and loved, he is already passionate about the game, and the art work will make his room become alive with the art that he will love. It is understated, yet compelling enough to make him appreciate the art. Teen girls will love the “Audrey Hepburn – Fabulous” this British Icon is a teen girls dream. When love is special and great fashion will transcend the test of time.  There are many pieces that can fill her room with an accent piece that can add pizzazz and flare.


gifts for teens

When you are thinking about gifts for the kids keep in mind fine art, as it is a gift that they can enjoy every day, and keep and cherish for years to come, if tasteful and thought out, it can last a lifetime and be with them everywhere they go. Don't shy away from art, it can expose your teen or toddler to the world of art and add a level of complexity and charm to their already rounded lives. 

Showing Thankfulness Through Thanksgiving Art

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 19. November 2015 11:30

Thanksgiving Art

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday celebrating the harvest of the year, it is a time when family and friends gather together and feast on the harvest foods. Traditional fare is baked turkey, pumpkin pie and many other detectible treats. For over 50 years even pro football has become a tradition. It is the official start to the holiday season, which runs through the New Year. Art is a wonderful way to show your Thanksgiving spirit, and to make the final touches on your dinner all that more colorful. Thanksgiving art features images of the feast, as well as the fall season and all its grandeur.


Turkey Art

Turkey Art

That iconic bird that rarely flies through the sky. The turkey was almost the national bird in America but the eagle won out, now he is just our tasty dinner during this festive time of year. Sometimes a punch line and a sucker, but forever etched in our minds as a lasting and true tradition in America. Getting this fine art is easy at the turkey art page, where you will find classics by Claude Monet and Leo Stands. Both tasteful and classic in design, these pieces will surely set forth the classy and heartwarming tone to your dinner, with friends and family around and the hearth burning with radiant heat, the smells of turkey coming from the oven and warm apply pie cooling on the table, you will be sure to warm their hearts and fill their bellies.


Pumpkin Art

HarvestSecond only to the turkey, the pumpkin is a symbol of thanksgiving and harvest time, the gourd can be used in so many ways. pumpkin art go beyond scary Halloween prints and move you to a more classic and warm look at the pumpkin from harvest to elegant table settings you will find them all here. From Lisa Keys to William Vanderdasson you will find warm and tasteful art work to bring your walls alive. Inspire your guests and make them feel at home with some of the stunning works on the pages of Your guests will not go home unfulfilled. They will remember their time there with fondness and warmth for months to come.


Thanksgiving Art

Dee Dee	Thank You

Classic Thanksgiving art is always a welcome sight for your quests. Aside from the classic pumpkin and turkey there are many other festive art works that symbolize this happy time of year. Our thanksgiving art category is full of wonderful choices. You can choose from classics such as Jane Wooste Scott's “Vibrant Vistas” to Danna Harvey's “Thanksgiving” to add splendor to any wall. Turning your house into a work of art is easy to do with any of these classic and timeless pieces.

As Americans settle in for a long winter season, the kick of that begins with Thanksgiving, a true tradition that brings family together from far and wide with great comfort food and superb love. Setting your traditions in motion is as simple as getting great artwork to inspire your mind and warm you soul.

Decorating With A Beautiful Painting

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 12. November 2015 16:31

PaintMarti Bofarull is a unique painter originally from Barcelona. You would think that a man from Barcelona would know nothing about American landscapes and architecture but he proves this wrong with his beautiful painting called “Brooklyn Bridge”. Specializing in landscape paintings, Bofarull does not disappoint with his twist on things.


Complementing A Room

“Brooklyn Bridge” has a since of abstractness and beauty. Because of this, this painting could complement almost any room. For a focal point in the living room, you could pair this painting with a light cream-colored picture frame to contrast with the dark colors at the bottom of the painting and bring out the creams at the top. This piece would also look great in a study or office area of a home. Perhaps you have always had a hankering for visiting the Brooklyn Bride or just simply think it is beautiful, this “Brooklyn Bride” painting would complement the wall right above your work desk. You could use a cream-colored picture frame or change it up and bring out the faint blues in the painting and match it with a blue picture frame. This painting is a big enough statement on its own so try not to add so many other décor with it that the painting gets lost. Play up the colors of “Brooklyn Bridge” and watch as this piece of art adds serenity and modernism to any room you hang it in.

 Marti Bofarull	Brooklyn Bridge


The Style

Bofarull uses many techniques when trying to create a masterpiece. With his fluent use of geometry throughout his paintings, he brings a unique style to art. You could describe Bofarull’s style as a combination of tradition and contemporary modernism. Many artists have a “muse” or someone or something that influences their art or their style of art. His grandmother, Carme Sala influenced the traditional side of his art and the contemporary side of his art was influenced by the Massana School of Art. He graduated from the Massana School of Art so it’s no wonder that what he learned from his experiences there, added to his style as a painter.


Painting Popularity

We often wonder what makes a painting so popular. For this painting, it is the way the painting catches your attention. The use of geometry in the style has a unique way of catching your eye and drawing you in. As well as geometry, Bofarull cleverly uses his color pallet, different textures and modern mix-media elements to create this powerful piece. Another amazing thing Bofarull does is amplify the light and the reflection of the bridge off the water. Some artist would just paint the Brooklyn Bridge surrounded with water and forget that the bridge does reflect off of the water. Marti Bofarull does not forget any little detail while converting his thoughts into a magnificent painting.


Although Bofarull was born in Barcelona and lived there most of his life, that did not stop him from portraying beautiful American landscapes and architecture and turning them into exquisite works of art.



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