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The Latest Fashion
If you need a little help figuring out what's trending in the art world, browsing the best sellers list is an excellent way to get a feel for the pieces and styles that are most popular. Use this category as a guide for gifting to make sure you're getting them art that they will truly appreciate.

Art Gifts
A Gift for Every Personality
Regardless of what they may be into, you are sure to find a piece of popular art that is as unique as they are. There are bright and warm pieces for those who enjoy a happy and energetic atmosphere, and dark, broody works of art for a colder and more thoughtful environment. You will also find a variety of themes in this category, from sports and landscapes to fashion and food. If the person you're buying for already has a solid decorative scheme in their home, choose art that shares a similar theme or setting so they don't have to struggle when finding a place to put it.

"Present" and Future
 Unlike many gifts that are common during the holiday season,  a piece of fine art can be enjoyed long after the snow melts and we return to our usual daily grind. This year, get your loved ones something they will cherish (and actually use) for many years to come.

Upload Your Favorite Photos Upload your photographs on our website from your camera, smartphone or tablet. We accept several different image formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or TIF) and our intuitive interface makes this step a breeze.

Art Gifts
Choose Your Size
There are many different sizes to choose from when creating your art. Think about where the recipient might plan on displaying their new addition before making this decision, and choose a size that best suits both the photograph and its intended surroundings. A large work of art makes a huge impression, but sometimes small and simple has a more profound impact on the atmosphere of a room. The quality of your photograph may appear grainy and unclear if a large size is chosen. We will inform you if we think that your photograph may not look its best at the size you requested.

Make It Complete
 Once you have selected the appropriate size, it's time to make it all come together. Your first decision is going to be whether you want your photograph displayed on a canvas or in a frame. If you love the unique, bold look of art on canvas, you have two different depths to choose from (.75" and 1.5"). To really create a stylish and professional appearance, we also have over 30 kinds of matting available so you can add the perfect background to your image. We also offer the option to add clear brushstrokes that add texture and gives it the feel of a real painting. For a truly unique and heartwarming gift, give them what matters most this holiday: life's happiest memories shared with those they love.

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