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A kid's room should always contain bright and colorful art to make it friendly and inviting. The beauty of such art lies in its ability to transform a bare wall into a portal of your child's imagination. There are a variety of art pieces that you can purchase to decorate your child's room, which tend to include sweet framed art, wall hangings and even vibrant and energetic posters. Before you start shopping for kids room art, you should know the preferences of your child. No matter how beautiful the piece of art is, if your kid does not like it, it will end up being a complete waste. Different ideas that can be used in this regard include murals that represent art in an effort to further induce the imagination of kids without becoming too expensive to accommodate your kid's changing tastes.
Art by Kids Milestone

What is Kid's Room Art?

Kid's Room Art has a lot to choose from, however, there are a few simple guidelines as to what is contained in this sometimes confusing art category. One of the first things to understand is that kid's room wall art is meant for all children, from toddlers to teenagers and the styles and subjects change according to what age group is being represented. So, how do you tell which type of children art is the right one?
One of the main ways to 'age' one of these works is to look at the style of the painting or poster. For example, look at the difference between boy's nursery art and teen boy's room art. Although these two categories might seem completely different, they're actually very similar; they just have different executions. The younger the audience, the more iconic and simple the artwork will become while the older audiences will have more detailed and complex images. Another way to tell which age category a specific work of art belongs to is to look at the colors. Are the colors bright and vivid? Or are they more subtle and have different shades of the same color? Just as with subject matter, the simple coloring and bright tones are often meant for younger audiences.

Bear Hugs
Le Lapin I
Kids nursery artwork
Adding artwork to a nursery is a great way to give your baby's room personality and interest. has a wide selection of nursery art for both boys and girls. Some popular nursery art subjects include teddy bears, rocking horses, nursery rhymes and animals. There is a large selection of colors to choose from, ranging from the traditional pastels of soft blues, pinks, yellows and greens to bright and bold hues as well as monochromatic and neutral colored art.
Sacred Journey
Kiss the Baby
Farm Group: Cow and Sheep

Why Should I Buy Kid's Room Art?

It might seem silly to make such a big deal about artwork for a child's room, however art has a large influence on young children. Children who aren't exposed to artwork and other creative forms of expression often lack the same amount of creative thinking skills that children who are exposed to art have. Investing in kid's room wall art can be one of the smartest investments into your child's future that you can make and it's definitely one of the easiest. Cultivating your child's interest and fascination with art from a young age can lead them down a path of living more creative and fulfilled lives!

Animal Art for Kids
Thoughtful Pit Bull 1
Ball Four - Baseball
Peace Garden
Love in 44 Languages
teen map art
Make a statement through art! Our vast selection of art for teens will satisfy the whim and style of any discerning teenager. There are numerous themes and subjects including sports, music, inspirational, whimsical and much more. The style of art is also diverse and includes contemporary, modern, pop and word art. Check out art by Louise Carey, Erin Clark, Romero Britto and Dean Russo for a good selection of art appropriate for teens.
Love in 44 Languages
Do What You Love Love What You Do 12
Horse 1

Opening the Doors to Imagination

Introducing children to art from an early age has many benefits for their mental and emotional well-being. However, deciding what constitutes kid's room artwork can be a difficult task for someone who isn't experienced in choosing this type of art. Although there are many typical kinds of kid's room posters, as this art category has grown so have the types of art available for young children and teens. Most importantly, deciding what kind of kid's room artwork you need for your child is a fun and rewarding experience that can, with the proper art, set their imagination alight.

Chocolate Milk Truck
Dinosaur Family 22
Fantastic Voyage
Robots On Beach
boys room artwork
One of the best ways to narrow down the search for boy's room artwork is to decide what it is that he might be interested in. Think about your son's likes and dislikes. Does he like sports, animals, cars and trucks? Though this might seem like an obvious first step, it's a very important one. Many times, parents end up buying wall art that they would like, rather than what their child likes. This usually means that it gets one glance, maybe two, and then it's promptly ignored and forgotten. However, pieces of art that appeal specifically to your child will leave them happy, fascinated, and full of creativity.
No Girls Allowed
Ahoy Matey I
All Star Sports I
More Art for Boys
Girls Rule
Reflective Moment
A Sister is
for girls room
Decorating your daughter's room with Girls art is a great way to let her express her own style. One thing that's important to remember is that as kids grow, their tastes change so helping her choose a versatile theme and design will save you time and money in the future. Whether you choose a girls poster or a painting, you should keep in mind both her tastes and style. One thing to consider when deciding on the girls room decor you want to use are the colors. Not all girls' rooms need to be pink! While many young girls love pink, rooms that are multicolored will help insure that she loves her room for years to come, even when her favorite color changes to purple next month, and to green after that.
Spirit Dance
Opening Night
Tribal Elephant Portrait 2

Kid's room artwork is an amazingly diverse and individualized category of art that deserves attention from anyone who has a child or teen. These works serve as encouragement and inspiration for young minds while teaching them valuable lessons about life and the world around them. With all of the styles and subjects available in this art category, it can be difficult to choose a particular piece to use in your child's room; however, there is sure to be something to delight children of any age, interest, or inclination in this category.

More Art for Girls

Decorating with Kid's Room Art

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kids room decor
kids room artwork
Owl Land
Red Horse
Fox on Sunday
More Art for Kids
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