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Kitchen Artwork

Kitchen Art

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It's where generations pass down treasured family recipes, where children watch cookies bake in the oven, and holiday meals are prepared. The kitchen is a place where families gather every morning and evening to share meals together.

Create a space that is worthy of the memories with our great selection of kitchen art. Choose from kitchen artwork categories like Kitchen Chic Art, Vintage Kitchen Art, Coffee Art, Chef Art, Tuscany Art, Country Kitchen Art, Red Wine Art, and Wine Label Art. Find the perfect piece to add to your kitchen decor or revamp your space with inspiration from one of our pieces. Choose from our framed art or canvas prints and your art work will be ready to hang once it arrives at your doorstep. Start shopping on FulcrumGallery.com today to find the perfect artwork for your kitchen!

Kitchen Sayings Modern Kitchen Art Vintage Kitchen Art
Country Kitchen Art Rustic Kitchen Art
Tuscan Kitchen Art Chic Kitchen Art

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Choosing Artwork for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room of a house. The kitchen is where food is kept safe and where the family can come together to prepare fulfilling meals. The kitchen is a starting ground for making the home a happy and comfortable place. So, why not want to bring that happiness and comfort to other rooms of the home? Kitchen art has a variety of categories that would be a great way to spice up any other part of the home, including the dining area, bedroom, hallway, and living room. We must not forget that kitchen art would even be a great addition to the kitchen itself. Using kitchen art to decorate is a fun and exciting way to bring a refreshing mood to your home.

From Drawers and Cabinets to Your Walls

One different style of kitchen artwork that would be a magnificent addition to any home is Kitchenware Art. Just think of using this type of kitchen art piece as a means to show what hides behind your kitchen drawers, cabinets, and cubby spaces, and splashing them on your walls. Kitchenware art has a variety of subcategories that you can choose from as well, including fork art, tea pot art, plate art, knife art, and spoon art. And the artwork does not stop there! Any kind of kitchenware you can think of is available in these kitchen art pieces. These kinds of kitchen photographs would be a great addition to a dining room, kitchen, living room, or any area of the home where meals are eaten.

Kitchen Art to Match Your Style

Tuscan themed kitchens are very popular these days and for good reason. This type of décor in a kitchen gives a feeling of richness and warmth. When choosing your Tuscan art look for warm colors such as, deep reds and purples, rich oranges, and olive greens. You can choose from art that features the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, or rich still life featuring the red wines and grapes of the region, or landscapes that detail the beautiful vineyards of northern Italy. No matter what you choose, you are sure to find artwork to fit your Tuscan kitchen perfectly.

Modern Kitchen Art
With so many people remodeling the kitchen and creating a state of the art gathering area for their families, modern and contemporary art is earning a place in the kitchen. Modern and contemporary art is a great choice because it encompasses such a broad spectrum of artwork. You can choose anything from abstract art, to photography, or pop art, all of which have pieces relevant to the kitchen. In a modern kitchen you can hang anything from a set of simple black and white photographs of silverware or kitchen appliances to a collage of multicolored coffee cups. Being able to choose from such a wide array of pieces within one style is often very helpful in the process of choosing the right art for your kitchen and home..

Not all kitchens are alike, and certainly not all homeowners have the same style preferences. Kitchen art comes in a variety of categories to suite any style of any person. If you were born and raised in a country area, the scenic prints found in Country Kitchen Art would be a great choice. If you desire brightly colored, contemporary artwork, modern or chic kitchen art would be your ideal choice. You can also choose from Tuscan Kitchen Art, Rustic Kitchen Art, and Vintage Kitchen Art as well.

Filling Your Belly and Your Walls

Another interesting category of kitchen art prints is Food Art. Food art ranges from photographs and paintings of fruit and vegetables, to drinks and cooking spices. These types of kitchen canvas art can be a refreshing touch to any kitchen, dining room, living room, or even bedroom. Any room in the house that gives you a sense of comfort and happiness would be a great room to place food art because food is truly a comforting treat. Food art includes a variety of categories, including Herb Art, Alcohol Art, all types of Fruit Art, Pasta Art, Dessert Art, and even Funny Food Art to add a little humor to your home. These bright and playful pieces would make anyone excited to taste the meals that come from your kitchen.

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Country Kitchen

The country kitchen will always have its place in kitchen styles and decors. This style offers a comforting and inviting air to any home. Artwork featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, rustic signs, and roosters (along with other barnyard animals) always work well in a country kitchen. If you love apples, decorate your country kitchen with apples. In a country kitchen you can pick a theme and run with it. Country is a feeling; it's the warmth you feel when you enter the room. It's the curtains blowing in the wind from an open window, or the smell of peach cobbler from the oven. There are no concrete rules when designing a country kitchen, pick what you love and run with it and you will without a doubt end up with a charming and cozy country kitchen.

All Work and Decorations

Suppose you work in a restaurant, grocery store, or any type of establishment that deals with food. If you are not employed by a food establishment, if you consider yourself an expert in your own kitchen, a good way to show your work life through decoration is the use of kitchen photography. You can use the colorful and entertaining prints used in chef art, or even the vibrant and stimulating prints used in Waiter Art. Add elegance and beauty to your home by using Bistro Art or Restaurant Art. Even if you do not work in or desire to be a part of the food career field and you are just a lover of fine dining and eating out, adding these pieces to your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom walls would add a special creative touch that is not seen in many homes today.

Kitchen Sayings to Live By

Kitchen Sayings
The kitchen is where families can come together to prepare and cook great meals. Not only are recipes handed down, but words of advice are given to younger generations as well. What better way to share that knowledge than to place them on the walls of your bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, and any other area of the home than to incorporate kitchen sayings art around the home? This category of kitchen canvas prints is a definite way to remind family members and guests to Count Your Blessings, that the most important things in life are your Faith, Family, and Friends, and in all times remember to Live, Laugh, and Love.

Enhancing Your Space

What is your finish? Once you decide what style of kitchen you like and you begin to choose the artworks for it, there are a few things to think about before buying and hanging your art. First, no matter what kind of art you choose be sure that it is framed. The frame will help to protect your art for the elements of the kitchen. Such as, grease splatter or smoke from the range top. Next, think about the placement of your artwork and what will inhibit its display. Cabinets that open widely, for example, may hinder the placement of a piece of art. Also, do not hang anything by the stove if it cannot be scrubbed clean or if it is sensitive to heat. Likewise goes for the sink, if it is not waterproof then hang it elsewhere. It would be a terrible thing to spend so much time and energy creating a beautiful kitchen only to have your artwork damaged by heat, grease, and water.

Mom's Kitchen
When choosing a painting, it is always a good idea to consider the room that you want to decorate. Make sure to stick with your current decor scheme. Choose a frame to fits your painting as well. If the painting is bright, choose a frame that complements it, and do the same if the painting has dark tones. Also, with kitchen paintings, you do not want to hang them in a room where it would not make sense to see the painting. For instance, you do not want to hang food art in the bathroom. Whatever piece you choose and whatever room you decide to hang it, be creative and just have fun with your kitchen art.

Food, fine wine, and...art!

The kitchen is one of our favorite places to be in the home and FulcrumGallery.com has an excellent selection of art for your kitchen, no matter what your style. First, you need to decide on a theme to set the mood for family and friends that visit your kitchen. A Tuscan kitchen can be created using dark reds, greens and golds throughout the space. Images of grapes, wine and the Tuscany hillside will add the finishing touches you need to complete your look. And if a country kitchen is more your style, there's roosters, vintage ads, and all kinds of apple baskets to add all the country kitchen flavor that you need. Modern kitchens can be cozy too, so if contemporary cuisine art is more your style, look for back and white photos of various kitchen utensils or retro styled wine decor to decorate your walls.

Choosing a Kitchen Color Scheme

To help kitchen walls stand out, consider colors that you might not use in other areas of the home. With cabinets and counter tops taking up much of the wall space, you can add bright colors that really pop in between to make the most of limited wall space. Using the guideline of feng shui color selection, you can give your kitchen a great vibe while choosing a color scheme that you'll love to look at while cooking in your newly decorated kitchen.
Red and orange in the kitchen can express a love of food and cooking, as well love for the family that eats there. White cabinets with red walls and framed images of tomatoes, red peppers or apples can create a cohesive look that is bold and bright. And if you want to add some contrasting color with your vegetable art, try red walls with framed images of green beans, asparagus and green chili peppers.

Yellow Kitchen Walls Set A Happy Vibe

Yellow walls in a kitchen are said to set a happy vibe that makes the most of small spaces. Decorate light yellow walls with images of fresh garden herbs & spices,with shades of greens, blues and creams for a cheerful kitchen that friends and family will love to visit. Finish off this look with some olive green hand towels and you might even get some help doing the dishes!

Blue represents calmness, and while blue is a less common color for the kitchen, it might help you relax when making dinner at the end of a long day. Blue and yellow are a great color combination and sunflower art is an easy way to add yellow accents to walls done in Carolina blue or other dusky shades.

Kitchen Lifestyle  

Size It Up

Lastly, you'll want to look at the wall space that you have available. Kitchens are unique in that they have counter tops and cabinets that may limit the wall space for hanging art. This doesn't mean you have to leave small spaces empty; you just need the right small space design idea. For kitchens in particular, sets of small images framed or on canvas can be great.
You can get all your favorite fruits or veggies, wine labels or flatware styles in sets of images from two pieces all the way to six or eight images. Frame them the same and you can hang them throughout the small wall spaces in your kitchen.
Whatever the space or the style that you plan to use, decorate your kitchen with art that excites your appetite from FulcrumGallery.com and you can't go wrong.

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