Showing Thankfulness Through Thanksgiving Art

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 19. November 2015 11:30

Thanksgiving Art

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday celebrating the harvest of the year, it is a time when family and friends gather together and feast on the harvest foods. Traditional fare is baked turkey, pumpkin pie and many other detectible treats. For over 50 years even pro football has become a tradition. It is the official start to the holiday season, which runs through the New Year. Art is a wonderful way to show your Thanksgiving spirit, and to make the final touches on your dinner all that more colorful. Thanksgiving art features images of the feast, as well as the fall season and all its grandeur.


Turkey Art

Turkey Art

That iconic bird that rarely flies through the sky. The turkey was almost the national bird in America but the eagle won out, now he is just our tasty dinner during this festive time of year. Sometimes a punch line and a sucker, but forever etched in our minds as a lasting and true tradition in America. Getting this fine art is easy at the turkey art page, where you will find classics by Claude Monet and Leo Stands. Both tasteful and classic in design, these pieces will surely set forth the classy and heartwarming tone to your dinner, with friends and family around and the hearth burning with radiant heat, the smells of turkey coming from the oven and warm apply pie cooling on the table, you will be sure to warm their hearts and fill their bellies.


Pumpkin Art

HarvestSecond only to the turkey, the pumpkin is a symbol of thanksgiving and harvest time, the gourd can be used in so many ways. pumpkin art go beyond scary Halloween prints and move you to a more classic and warm look at the pumpkin from harvest to elegant table settings you will find them all here. From Lisa Keys to William Vanderdasson you will find warm and tasteful art work to bring your walls alive. Inspire your guests and make them feel at home with some of the stunning works on the pages of Your guests will not go home unfulfilled. They will remember their time there with fondness and warmth for months to come.


Thanksgiving Art

Dee Dee	Thank You

Classic Thanksgiving art is always a welcome sight for your quests. Aside from the classic pumpkin and turkey there are many other festive art works that symbolize this happy time of year. Our thanksgiving art category is full of wonderful choices. You can choose from classics such as Jane Wooste Scott's “Vibrant Vistas” to Danna Harvey's “Thanksgiving” to add splendor to any wall. Turning your house into a work of art is easy to do with any of these classic and timeless pieces.

As Americans settle in for a long winter season, the kick of that begins with Thanksgiving, a true tradition that brings family together from far and wide with great comfort food and superb love. Setting your traditions in motion is as simple as getting great artwork to inspire your mind and warm you soul.

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