Kids Love Art Too, So Don't Forget The Gift!

by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 26. November 2015 11:05

Seeing that look in a kids face when they get that perfect gift is worth all the time spent chasing that gift down. Underestimating the love kids have for artwork should not be overlooked. Look in any kids room and you will undoubtedly see all sorts of pictures and icons tapped or pinned to their walls, so picking out and giving them a gift of wall art is a lot easier than you think. And getting them to appreciate art at a young age will help them grow and develop their minds in new and exciting ways.


toddler boysToddler Boys

Little boys like their animals, with great works by Yuko Lau. The “Peek-a-boo bear” and Peek-a-boo Giraffe” will accent the rooms of all little toddler boys. You can find many paintings to accent a boy’s room with any color palate that you can imagine. So let your creative, and your sons creative juices flow.


Toddler Girls

gifts for girls

A little girl’s nursery should be a paradise filled with gifts for the eyes and mind that should evoke the dreams she is so entitled. Finding the right gifts for her is easy when you visit toddler art, as she may not be able to express her appreciation, she will learn to love and grow with the images and detail of the artwork. Surrounding her with classic prints will enhance her love for art and make her blossom into a young artist.


Teen Boys And Teen Girls Gifts

Nothing is more complex than a teenager, boy or girl, you have to be on top of your game and buying gifts will test your mettle. Each and every gift will be fully analyzed by your teen, but rest assured if you get your teen that high quality gift of art, you cannot loose.

Take for example your teen boy and his love for soccer, with “Ball for Soccer” his love for the game will be appreciated and loved, he is already passionate about the game, and the art work will make his room become alive with the art that he will love. It is understated, yet compelling enough to make him appreciate the art. Teen girls will love the “Audrey Hepburn – Fabulous” this British Icon is a teen girls dream. When love is special and great fashion will transcend the test of time.  There are many pieces that can fill her room with an accent piece that can add pizzazz and flare.


gifts for teens

When you are thinking about gifts for the kids keep in mind fine art, as it is a gift that they can enjoy every day, and keep and cherish for years to come, if tasteful and thought out, it can last a lifetime and be with them everywhere they go. Don't shy away from art, it can expose your teen or toddler to the world of art and add a level of complexity and charm to their already rounded lives. 

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