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by Fulcrum Gallery Staff 12. November 2015 16:31

PaintMarti Bofarull is a unique painter originally from Barcelona. You would think that a man from Barcelona would know nothing about American landscapes and architecture but he proves this wrong with his beautiful painting called “Brooklyn Bridge”. Specializing in landscape paintings, Bofarull does not disappoint with his twist on things.


Complementing A Room

“Brooklyn Bridge” has a since of abstractness and beauty. Because of this, this painting could complement almost any room. For a focal point in the living room, you could pair this painting with a light cream-colored picture frame to contrast with the dark colors at the bottom of the painting and bring out the creams at the top. This piece would also look great in a study or office area of a home. Perhaps you have always had a hankering for visiting the Brooklyn Bride or just simply think it is beautiful, this “Brooklyn Bride” painting would complement the wall right above your work desk. You could use a cream-colored picture frame or change it up and bring out the faint blues in the painting and match it with a blue picture frame. This painting is a big enough statement on its own so try not to add so many other décor with it that the painting gets lost. Play up the colors of “Brooklyn Bridge” and watch as this piece of art adds serenity and modernism to any room you hang it in.

 Marti Bofarull	Brooklyn Bridge


The Style

Bofarull uses many techniques when trying to create a masterpiece. With his fluent use of geometry throughout his paintings, he brings a unique style to art. You could describe Bofarull’s style as a combination of tradition and contemporary modernism. Many artists have a “muse” or someone or something that influences their art or their style of art. His grandmother, Carme Sala influenced the traditional side of his art and the contemporary side of his art was influenced by the Massana School of Art. He graduated from the Massana School of Art so it’s no wonder that what he learned from his experiences there, added to his style as a painter.


Painting Popularity

We often wonder what makes a painting so popular. For this painting, it is the way the painting catches your attention. The use of geometry in the style has a unique way of catching your eye and drawing you in. As well as geometry, Bofarull cleverly uses his color pallet, different textures and modern mix-media elements to create this powerful piece. Another amazing thing Bofarull does is amplify the light and the reflection of the bridge off the water. Some artist would just paint the Brooklyn Bridge surrounded with water and forget that the bridge does reflect off of the water. Marti Bofarull does not forget any little detail while converting his thoughts into a magnificent painting.


Although Bofarull was born in Barcelona and lived there most of his life, that did not stop him from portraying beautiful American landscapes and architecture and turning them into exquisite works of art.


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