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Great Art Gift Ideas for
the Man in Your Life
The holidays are coming, and finding unique gifts
for your father, son, or husband can be more
difficult than some might think. Appreciating
art is not typically considered a manly endeavor,
but the truth is that there are many great art
gifts for even the most masculine guys.
Let's look at a few ways that art can make
a meaningful gift that he will appreciate
for years to come.

Framed Sports Posters
Guys love sports. Although this fact of life can be a real annoyance to those of the opposite sex, you can use it to your advantage when choosing a gift that he will enjoy. If your favorite guy spends countless hours yelling at the television during football season, get him a powerful painting or photograph depicting his favorite team or player to help him personalize his living room. If he prefers to spend his time on the fairway (even if most of it is actually spent in the rough), a painting that expresses the joy and appeal of golf will remind him of his favorite pastime even when he's stuck at home. For the basketball fanatic, choose some cool sports paintings that will showcase his love for the game while adding some extra charm to his favorite room of the house. The iconic picture Muhammad Ali - 1965 1st Round Knockout against Sonny Liston is a great present for a fan of boxing, conveying a sense of accomplishment and celebrating victory and dedication. Sports art can make an excellent gift for even the most aesthetically challenged male.

 Cars: A Cultural Icon and
 Common Male Obsession
Whether the man you're buying for is a competent mechanic or a hopeless tinkerer who is still trying to fix his old, broken car on the weekends, artwork that shows off this wonderful human invention is just the thing he needs to make his space match his hobby. From the Model T to a brand new Lamborghini, there are works of art for car lovers both new and old.
 Always Have a Plan
Before you buy a piece of art to surprise him this holiday, make sure it's going to fit in with the rest of his surroundings. There are many other themes besides sports and cars to match his tastes. If he's a big television or movie fan, there are plenty of attractive pieces depicting the most popular shows and big screen personas. There are beautiful nature scenes for the rugged outdoorsman, and gritty paintings and photographs of the big city for those from the concrete jungle. Be on the lookout for his current themes and decorative strategies to find art that will be a perfect fit.

A Gift That Never Gets Old
Men may not always appreciate the finer aspects of art and culture, but the right piece of artwork is something that everyone can love. There are art gifts for him that can match any hobby or obsession. Make this holiday a memorable experience by giving him the gift that will last a lifetime.
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