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Art Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift

A gift certificate is the perfect gift for anyone that is interested in art or decorating. With our selection of over two hundred thousand different prints to select from, we have something for all tastes. All of our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means it can be returned for any reason within 30 days. And the gift certificate itself can be returned for a full refund. We should also mention that you can custom canvas transfer almost every piece that we offer and the fact that you can use the Fulcrum Gallery Gift Card with ALL PROMOTIONAL OFFERS including ALL PROMOTIONAL SALES.

Purchasing a Gift Card

Gift certificate amounts may be in $5 increments. You may also order a gift certificate by phone at 1-877-233-7893. The From, To, and Message fields are optional - if you fill them in here we will print these on the envelope and paper accompanying the gift card. If you leave them blank, you can write them in yourself when the gift certificate is mailed to you.

If you don't use it you won't lose it policy

Our Gift cards will never expire, so you may use the amount on the card for as long as you wish without an expiration date.

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