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Scenic art is a great way to escape the mundane and celebrate natural beauty. The beauty of the world creates some of the most inspiring pieces. From exquisitely detailed landscapes of Tuscan flower beds, to stoic images of abandoned cabins in the wilderness.
Scenic paintings are a great way to decorate your environment and create beautiful surroundings. With the ability to print on canvas or have your piece custom framed, you can turn any space into a soothing, relaxing environment.. Shop Fulcrum Gallery's extensive line of Landscape and Scenic Art and find a great piece to escape into.
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Art is an endless source of vitality and optimism, with nature being for centuries the main source of inspiration for all sorts of artists. It is no coincidence that scenic art has always been popular and that painters were fascinated by the great outdoors.

Scenic art has the uncanny ability of lifting the mood, help people relax and shift into a more optimistic gear, whenever they are down. Picture yourself on the coach, taking a good look at a scenic picture depicting green rolling hills, endless beaches or majestic mountains. When gazing upon the greatness of nature, it is easy to see how seemingly serious concerns melt down, as it is always difficult to keep a straight face and frown when pit against such an inspiring sight.

Seaglass 3
Seaside Morning Crop
Mint Cottage Days II
Waves on the beach, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
A scenic art print can serve as a window into an entirely different world, so why would we stay confined and settle for our ordinary interiors? Beach prints for example are one of the scenic art varieties that will sooth the spirit and invite you to meditate. The size of a print is less important, what matters is the message that it conveys and has a nice diversity of framed artwork. Not surprising, the colors that are most common in beach paintings are yellow and blue, as the shores are more beautiful when the sun caressed them. Endless blue oceans and seas brilliantly complement them, so when shopping for beach artwork, keep these chromatic considerations in mind.
Ocean Beach II
Sea Life Coral I
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset

Decorating with Beach Art

beach paintings
sailboat art
fine beach art
Tides and Waves
Crescent Beach #9
Siena Abstract Yellow Gray Landscape
Desert reflection. Badain Jaran Desert, Inner Mongolia, China.
Saguaro cacti, Oro Valley, Arizona, USA
Prickly pear and saguaro cacti, Santa Catalina Mountains, Oro Valley, Arizona, USA
Sunrise, Monument Valley, Arizona, USA
desert fine art
Most scenic views are about lush vegetation and a symphony of colors, but this does not mean that desert art prints are any less impressive. If you fancy the idea of solitude and think that people should find the time to meditate every now and then, you will surely appreciate this sort of decorations. There are various scenic paintings inspired by the desert at, so the choices are virtually limitless and the costs are never an issue.
Aspiring decorators should know that desert artwork looks better on the walls of those rooms that have relatively little furniture.

Deserts and beaches are just some of the places that have inspired artists, but there are countless more types of scenic posters to purchase at Fulcrum Gallery. There is beauty in nature all around us and forests, mountains, lakes, gardens and even cityscapes are a great source of inspiration for art lovers. They look great and have the uncanny ability of complementing existing decor, with few extra accessories being needed to maximize the effect.

Serenity Dock
Western Lake I
Day on the Lake
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada
desert fine art prints
Lake art on the other hand tends to look great on any wall, regardless of decor because the images are always calm and peaceful. This type of scenic artwork will become the focal point of attention for your guests and most of them will be so absorbed that they will completely ignore the surroundings. Those who are willing to go the extra mile and are not deterred by the prospect of further investments should consider aquatic motifs and it would not be excessive to set up a home aquarium.
Aspen tree trunks and foliage in autumn, Colorado, USA
Aspen trees at sunrise in autumn, Colorado (horizontal)
forest art prints
Forest art has a wide variety of styles available due to the amount of artists that have studied this subject. These styles range from detailed, fairy tale-like environments to graphic design patterns that are as beautiful as they are colorful. What makes forest art so popular is the soothing effect that the paintings have on the viewer. Themes of natural peace and tranquility are common in this form of art, as well as a sense of wonder at the glory portrayed in the calmness of undisturbed nature.

Forest paintings are still a popular choice for many types of decor both in the home and office. If you opt for scenic art prints that feature forests or gardens, you should complement them with decorative items that also take your mind to green and open spaces.

Decorating with Forest Art

forest art prints
leaf place artwork
tree forest art
Autumn Forest I
Glade Creek Grist Mill, Babcock State Park, West Virginia, USA
Autumn in a forest, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
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