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Performing arts art is a unique art category that depicts performers and performances of all kinds. These works range from dramatic fine art prints to whimsical images that depict a variety of people and activities. Thematic prints like performing arts art is suitable for nearly any venue, however, many of these works are valued for their unique subject matter and execution. Performing arts art is loosely categorized as a thematic print, due to the variety of subjects that are all tied into a single category. Due to the diverse subject matter of these whimsical images, performing arts art is difficult to pin into a single category and many of the works featured in this type of art also belong to other categories.
Popular Performing Arts Art
Ballerina Dancing (detail)
Trapeze Artists in Circus
Dancers in Violet
Dancing Art
Many of these works are dramatic in nature. Because of this, these dramatic fine art prints primarily feature circus performers, acrobats, and dancers due to the amount of dramatic tension and energy that are characteristic of this art category. Performing Arts prints like 'Trapeze Artists in Circus' are common in this art category. Like many subjects that were explored during the modern art movement, many performing arts paintings have a distinct pop art feel to them. These works can include advertisements, promotional posters, and many other common forms of pop art images. By definition, posters and paintings are all about still pictures that invite the viewer to take a step back and contemplate the message they convey. What makes performing arts art special is that this unique art category has the power of suggesting an endless movement. The protagonists are captured at the height of their artistic manifestation and the artwork itself radiates energy.
Blue Dancers, c.1899
Circus Posters

Playful Performing Arts Prints

It covers a broad spectrum of activities and this is hardly surprising since performing arts are quite diverse themselves. Some of them take a more serious note, while others are downright amusing and conjure a spectre of playfulness. This makes them a fine addition to any space that does not demand the utmost formalism and have the ability of matching pretty much any decor. Those who are shopping for musical posters should keep an open mind, because this category is all-encompassing. You might know just half of the story at first and be tempted to draw the wrong conclusions, as what is usually regarded as performing art is just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared to broaden your horizon and to understand this current better after visiting

Descente d'Absalon par Miss Stena, Circus Poster, 1890
Merry Go Round, Study 1, Paris, France
Musical Prints
Ballet Art Prints

Show Off Your Favorites

Here you will find the finest dramatic art prints that project powerful messages through graceful characters, but also quirky images that will take your mind to a circus scene. The fact that some of these posters do not take themselves too seriously is actually a good thing, because this makes the posters more appropriate for unconventional decors. Small art prints that are framed and hung on the wall and large canvas pictures will fit in nicely, with every new addition further enhancing the appeal. Another great thing about performing arts prints is that these Broadway show posters complement each other and each new artwork seems to be a link in a long chain. The quintessence of this current is that the images create the illusion of movement and a string of art prints will look consistent not only with existing decor, but also with themselves. The wall itself will turn into an animated carousel and each character will appear like playing a role in a bigger scene.

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