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Flower art is a fun way to bring the colors of the outdoors inside. With so many great flowers to choose from, you can complement just about any decor style or color scheme with floral art. One of the most popular ways to decide on the flower photos you want to use in your decor is to look at the color scheme in your room. For example, in a room of whites, creams or even light yellows, decorating with blue flowers is a great choice. Images of hydrangeas, blue irises, and hibiscus flowers are all options when looking for blue flower wall decor.
Types of Flowers (A-H)
Types of Flowers (H-P)
Types of Flowers (P-Z)
Flower Bedroom Art

Flower Art in the Home

There has been a huge array of flower art produced over the past decades and as such there is something for everyone in this category. Those with a passion for a specific flower or even specific coloring will find exactly what they may be looking for in with this style. If you are trying to create a minimalistic look with clean lines that does not add too much to the decor the bold yet simple attributes that can be found in flower wall art give plenty of scope to add to the decor without the art becoming to overpowering. Flower photography captures each and every individual detail that is caught through the lens and can then be hung to add depth and emotion into the space that you call home.

Painted Daisies
Blossoming Almond Tree, Saint-Remy, c.1890
X-ray Royal Purple Gentian
Comfy Cottage Flower Art
Flower Art in an Entryway

Consistency Is Key

If you have decided to use flower art in your home it is vitally important that you choose the art with care, as one or two poor decisions can immediately alter the entire ambiance of your home. When utilizing flower art prints or flower photography you need to ensure that you do not over decorate the space because you have so much to choose from. You may want to stick with a particular flower or a color that is featured on all of the art that you may choose. By using a theme this will help to keep your decorating space in order. Taking on a certain style of flower art to showcase your walls is the perfect way to create aesthetic harmony in your home.

Hydrangeas in Mason Jars
Cosmos In The Field
Under the Sun I
Flower Art for the Bedroom

Selecting a Flower Color

The colors that are used in a painting can either be chosen to blend into the current decor or as a center focal point. If you are looking for your flower artwork to blend then you will want to choose similar colors to those already in the room, for example if your walls are painted in a dark color select the art with dominant colors that are shade lighter than the walls as this will help the artwork to maintain an identity without overpowering the other colors of the room. In the same way you can create a focal point then use the artwork in an area that compliments the palest shade of color in the flower artwork as this will make the painting contrast with the decor whilst also being bolder and creating the wow factor that you may be trying to achieve.

Flowers by Color
Red Rose
Mango Tango I
Sunflowers, 1888 yellow
Le Pavots Bleu
Pink and Purple Flowers
Cherry Blossom I
Van Gogh Sunflower Art
Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower Art

Bring the Beauty of Outdoors into Your Home

If you're looking to add a splash of color to a room that's gray or blue, yellow flower art makes an excellent accent color. Sunflowers are one of the most popular choices in yellow flower art and with both traditional and contemporary styles available; it's easy to find sunflower art for any room in the home. Speaking of style, you can also choose a flower painting for your walls based on your preference in decorating style. Famous flower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh can be framed in gold or silver for a traditional and feminine feel. Contemporary floral art from Georgia O'Keeffe is a great choice to make a bold statement in a more modern black frame.

Traditional Flower Prints

Which genre would you classify plants and flowers too? There are those that would call any realistic depiction a botanical illustration. Female artists who have spent their time searching the wilderness for rare plants and flowers that they can bring to life through their paintings have earned the label of "flower painter". Therefore it would be correct to say that flower art is the creation of paintings using the vision of plants and flowers as inspiration.

French Cottage Bouquet I

Floral art is thought to be the least difficult of these three styles of art in regards to technical content and demands. Plants and flowers are often the subject matter of a classical depiction of still life and flower art can be extremely realistic, or freely expressionistic in accordance with the artists' preference. The final flower artwork should be true to the internal structure of the subject matter.

Flower Photography
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