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If you want to add the final touches to your decorative arrangement with the latest in artistic fashion, then look no further. Contemporary art is loosely defined as art that has been created within "our lifetimes", but is generally recognized as art from the mid 1960s onward. As such it is constantly evolving and taking on new forms. Decorating with contemporary art is easily done, as there is a vast quantity of this artwork available for you to choose from. No matter what mood or setting you need to accent, there is bound to be a piece of art from this category to meet your needs.
Types of Contemporary Art
Fall Forest II
Winter Secrets IV
Contemporary Posters
Many people frown upon art from the present day and decide instead to put their dollars towards the famous works of antiquity. While there are plenty of tried and true classics to go around, many of today's artists are just as talented as those who lived in the past. Contemporary artwork also has the added benefit of being more relevant to today's world. "Fall Forest II" by Silvia Vassileva is an excellent display of the versatility of this category, displaying solid artistic skill in a modern setting. So, if you were thinking of playing it safe and sticking with the famous artwork of old, keep in mind that the new kids on the block have much to offer in the way of style and substance.

Decorating with Contemporary Art

contemporary art
contemporary prints
contemporary artwork
Moonrise Black Dog - Labrador Lake
Wine Selection II
White Tulips I
La Pomme
decorative art
The last few decades have produced plenty of unique works of art in a variety of styles. Those with a taste for the abstract can find fantastic contemporary abstract paintings to add an edgy and attractive feel to their visual arena. If you're going for a clean and refined look that doesn't add too much information to your decor, the bold yet simple attributes of minimalist art are also available from contemporary artists. Today (and yesterdays) artists even dabble in expressionism, creating depictions of the world seen through the lens of emotion that add depth and raw feeling to any space they call home. If you have a favorite style or artistic movement in mind, look to contemporary posters and prints to see if you can find it in a new and updated representation. Trying different Abstract styles in your home is a really unique way to make your decor pop with a bold statement. If you want to add more than one abstract style in one room, choose a theme like a color or specific subject.
more contemporary art
X-ray Royal Purple Parrot Tulip
Sliced Orange
Sea Life Coral II
Spa Daisies I
decorative art prints
The colors used in a painting can have a greater impact on the viewer than the object or setting they create, and can make or break any decorative strategy. If you want your new piece of contemporary art to blend in with your current setup, choose colors in your artwork that are similar to those already in the room. If your walls are painted in a cold color like dark blue, select art with dominant colors that are a lighter shade of blue or another cold color such as turquoise or lavender. This helps the artwork maintain its identity without overpowering the other colors in the room. If you are really proud of your new contemporary painting and want to make it the center of attention, use it in an area with colors that are complementary to the most prevalent one in your new piece. For example, a painting with a burnt orange background would contrast beautifully with dark blue walls.
contemporary Decor
contemporary art
contemporary artwork
Navy Blue Horizons
Jacobean Medallions I
Vintage Analog Typewriter
Natural Prints I
Light & Shadow
contemporary paintings
One or two poor decorative decisions can drastically alter the ambiance of the room you spent countless hours perfecting. When utilizing contemporary wall prints or photographs, make sure that you don't mismatch or over decorate your space. Because there are so many options to choose from, you may want to narrow down your potential selections by sub-category in order to avoid an unwanted artistic collision. Black and White contemporary artwork would fit in perfectly with a sleek, modern environment, and are also capable of matching the mood found in a more traditional or classical setting. Decorating with the help of themes is another tasteful way to keep your space in order.

The fashion savvy decorator has at their disposal large quantities of fashion themed contemporary artwork to choose from, and other common themes like flowers and landscapes can be found in contemporary works as well. Embracing a specific style of contemporary artwork to adorn your empty walls is also a great way to create aesthetic harmony in your home. For instance, you can use Contemporary Realism as a basis for forming a coherent decorative scheme that allows you to alternate between themes and settings (to a degree). Show off your artistic knowledge by picking out contemporary art prints that are part of the same style or movement, and make your home or business more attractive in the process.

contemporary art print
Four Squares, 1915
Gray Plaid 1
Black Circle, c. 1923
More Modern Art
Elephant Woodcut
Paris Romance II
contemporary posters
Contemporary art or art produced in todays movement can incorporate many different styles and themes. The term contemporary art began being used in the modern age in the early 1900s but as they began to fit a certain style, those paintings were renamed to fit the modern art aesthetic. Contemporary art includes artists like Silvia Vassileva and Randy Hibberd and prints that show that you appreciate the art of the age. By having contemporary art you open yourself to having the next masterpiece or the next flop. You take a risk embracing that which has yet to be critically acclaimed beyond its own generation and people will recognize this.
Contemporary Artists

Contemporary art requires that you take a risk in displaying artwork that has not yet stood the test of time and made its mark on history, but you also stand the chance of picking out a winner and being the first in your circle to embrace an artist or work that becomes legendary in the future. This category of art is filled with fresh new ideas and refined outlooks on older forms of expression, and it allows you to make a unique statement that promises to stand out in the crowd.

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