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Carrie Schmitt Wall Art

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3 Items
Mountain Meadow Fine Art Print
Mountain Meadow
12" x 15"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $146.99
Cheerful Poppies Fine Art Print
Cheerful Poppies
24" x 24"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $257.99
She Found a Place to Bloom Fine Art Print
She Found a Place to Bloom
24" x 18"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $229.99
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3 Items
Carrie Schmitt is an American artist who took up painting after being hit by a bad allergy in 2009. The allergy made it impossible for her to withstand heat, compelling her to stay indoors throughout. To make the best of the time she was spending at home, Carrie started painting, enrolled for online classes, and experimented with a lot of creative processes. Painting therefore became her sanctuary as she struggled with her allergy. Her condition forced her, together with her family, to move to a wet and wild place close to Seattle. In her new neighborhoods, at least Carrie could go and enjoy the prettiness of her surroundings. She just fell in love with the beauty of flowers, inspiring her to paint every flower that came her way. Carrie is also fascinated with waterfalls, having said that flowers and waterfalls are the most beautiful things she’s ever come across. In addition to her general love of flowers, she has something specifically for roses. Carrie says her grandmother used to smell roses and that her grandfather always brought her grandmother surprise roses every month. It’s such experiences that sparked her love of roses. She ensures that her paintings are colorful, using a discrete combination of colors to attain her desired results. Carrie has been able to find great happiness in her painting works, particularly the beauties of Mother Nature. Her creative pieces can be found in galleries across the U.S. and they’re sold in different finishing options based on customer’s preferences. Carrie also takes commissions from clients who would like her to paint on specific subjects.
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