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Fantasy art is a unique style that allows us to witness dreams or thoughts that goes through an artist's mind. Fantasy art is not generally anything that can be seen on a daily basis or in real life. It is a surreal like style with a unique twist. Unique art includes darker motifs as well as beautiful impressionistic shapes. Fantasy artwork is great in many rooms of the home, especially children's rooms. It allows them to expand their imagination and have a free and open mind which also sparks creativity. It also includes fictional creatures that children love like dragons, chimeras and fairies.
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Fantasy Art evolved from Greek mythology and other sacred traditions. Fantasy paintings come from the imagination rather than from direct observation of the real world. Fantasy styled art is known as the genre in France, grotesque art in England and is occasionally referred to as visionary art due to its subject matter. The subject matter of could be derived from hallucinations and dreams of artists rather than reality. The term fantasy is closely related, and is normally a term that is given to recent art from the 20th century on wards, and this is more than often based on fantasy literature.

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Modern Fantasy Paintings
A lot of modern fantasy art derives from the literary world, books and plays that were created. This is because literature allows your imagination to expand and create an image of what the literature is trying to create. With the technological advances of fantasy paintings and fantasy wall prints modern artists were looking to bring new ideas to the art world and focused on the abstract and more surreal. Modern fantasy art is basically the same as the original fantasy art, but it has a more modern twist with digital trends and more updated styles. The purpose and meaning of this art changed as the imagination of artists ran wild. Fantasy art is immensely popular today and artists and art lovers have a veritable feast of themes to choose from.
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Understanding contemporary fantasy art involves more than appreciating illustrations for movies, books, magazines, and video games. Fantasy art concerns mythological, magical, and supernatural themes. The history of fantasy art has been created by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and it is therefore surprising that as a genre is does not receive the recognition like other art movements. This genre is often excluded from today's art history books and rarely displayed in high art galleries. This unique style of art, unlike other well known styles, is harder to explain the concept and grasp it as well. Like abstract, it can often be taken and depicted how the onlooker sees it.

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