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For many, nothing captures their emotions better than music and art. Combine the two and you have the ultimate form of self expression. There is an amazing selection of music art created and art inspired by music to help you create a musical environment in your home, office, and anywhere music takes you. Whether you love jazz, brass instruments, Broadway musicals, or dance, there is a wide variety of prints and posters to match your creative and musical ideas. Our music prints and posters cover a wide array of musical taste, from Pablo Picasso's "Old Guitarist" to classic posters of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and Dean Martin. Shop's music art prints and framed art today.
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Combine Paintings and Music for a New Kind of Art

With musical art, you can let your personal space reveal your inner you. If you are a lover of music and art this is for you, this is perfect, a combination of both. Whether you are a lover of the big swing bands or prefer the sounds of the current day hip-hop, you can find your favorite genre in music art. Everyday objects, like album covers, guitars and even microphones are transformed into beautiful musical masterpieces that make your world unique. Open your world up and watch the amazement that you can create and how intrigued your friends and family will be with your trendy new music-inspired style.

Music Lesson
Classic Guitar Detail II
Everyone knows that music is one of the most effective ways to relax. The sweet sounds of fingers strumming a guitar, melodic tunes rising from a piano or the bellowing from a brass band are sounds that just can't be replaced. Some would say part of the beauty of music comes from the instruments themselves, there is quite the collection of instrument prints, posters and art. From classical to contemporary, traditional to pop and vintage to modern there is a wide range of art to complement any room's style and decor.
Yamaha P120 close-up of Piano Keys
His Masters Voice
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Decorating with Music Art

If you have a black and white living room, adding a framed print of piano keys on the wall above the sofa will add visual interest while still keeping to the monochromatic theme of the room. Spice up a drab living space with music art that is multi colored as in the print 'Guitar Heritage' by M.J. Lew . Pick a frame that complements the room's style of decor. Make your walls pop with music pop art that has bright and bold colors. 'Jimi Color' by Howie Green will add a focal point and talking piece to any office. If you want a more classical touch, use the Style filter to narrow down the selection of artwork displayed. There is no limit to the decorating ideas you can find in music art.

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