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Portraits of people are a great way to decorate your space. From stunning photos of the ever beautiful Marilyn Monroe to a candid and powerful mugshot of Frank Sinatra. All of these great portraits and more are available at Fulcrum Gallery. Select from the different human art and people art we have available to spice up and create an exquisite looking environment. You can also order your piece on canvas and have it additionally come with a custom fit frame. Browse through our selection of wonderful portraits, people and human art through our extensive line and buy a piece today!
Types of People Art

Artwork with People to Personalize Your Space

People Art is a wonderful way to make a bold statement in any home or office. Almost any mood can be expressed through paintings, prints, and photographs of humans. Feelings like hope, sadness, joy, determination, and anger can be easily expressed on the faces of people, and human artwork is a great medium for conveying those feelings to the viewer. There are a variety of uses for people photography, from setting the mood in a particular room of your home to communicating your beliefs and values to your guests. Let's look at a few of the ways that you can make human art work for you.

Victoria Arduino
Enchanting Keys

Choosing the Right Mood

Mood is everything when decorating a home or business, and a few poor decorative choices can make a huge difference in the way an area makes you feel. Make sure you choose artwork that matches the personality of the room it's being used in. A chic painting of a celebrity, such as Marilyn Monroe would go great in any room with elegant and feminine qualities, while a photograph of a firefighter saving a child would fit better in an area with a tougher, more masculine feel. People prints and paintings can offer much more than photographs when it comes to variety of colors, so keep them in mind if you need to match a particular color scheme. If your walls are a soft lavender color, try going with a lighter or darker shade of purple as the dominant color in your new piece to keep things soft and smooth. You could also choose a light green to really make it catch the eye. Black and white photographs are perfect for a modern sophisticated look, and make a timeless addition to many other settings as well. Whatever mood you wish to create, there's a piece of people art to help you do it.

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More People Art
1927 Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics
Enthusiasm for Life, Jimmy V
Three Cowboys
You Can't Trust Em, Jimmy V
women art prints
Human art can make a great addition to any business, even those that aren't open to the public or viewed by customers. The right piece can help to motivate employees as they go about their day, inspiring them with a painting of a famous face that speaks of determination, or reminding them of the importance of their work. People art can also be used to communicate your beliefs and values to customers, reinforcing their faith in your character and abilities. has a large selection of People Art to choose from.
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