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Teaching posters are a great and highly effective way to impact knowledge and motivate the target audience. These posters can contain a lot of text, images of famous people, animals or things that have a special way of passing some information or to inspire someone to do something. Teaching art provides the users with the visual option that makes the content easier to remember. Where the right image, color, and text are used, one can be able to remember the content of the wall art for the rest of their lives.

Whether you are teaching people in the classroom, at home, or in the office, you can find inspirational and educational art that will motivate and engage you and your students. Education art and prints celebrate learning as they bring stories and learning to life. No matter your favorite subject matter or education level, we have teaching posters and prints that will tastefully decorate your room.

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Teaching Categories
Animal Alphabet
nursery school art
Nursery schools have kids who are still very tender and who should be provided with a lot of appropriate images to stimulate their minds. The use of images in nursery schools is evident as science has proved that these nursery prints have a huge positive impact on the kids' learning. The nursery school posters that you use must be children themed if they are to have the desired impact. Understanding this, we have an array of nursery posters to help in child development. Some of the most popular prints are of animals, the alphabet, of individual letters and numbers as well as nursery rhymes. All are colorful and fun to encourage learning.

Teaching posters are a smart combination between beautiful artwork and learning materials, with the former being the dominant ones. Virtually anyone can benefit from displaying such artwork on their walls and the advantages keep growing, the longer the art prints remain displayed on the walls. Many start with a single poster and feel the urge of setting up an entire collection, for the simple reason that it is so easy to see the connection between the educational and aesthetic value.

Fortitude-Iwo Jima
King: I Have a Dream
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
Declaration of Independence of the 13 United States of America of 1776
social studies teaching art
History teaching posters are perhaps the most effective ones when it comes to firmly fixate a useful memory in the minds of students. They are also the most impressive ones and for obvious reasons, since they depict heroic deeds or events of extraordinary significance. It is always easier to remember such an event when you can also visualize the moment and this is the great merit of teaching artwork.

American history posters have their special section and the topics are diverse, ranging from military actions and political decision to sports and showbiz. Whether you prefer to decorate your walls with pictures of historical legends like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, world events such as portrayed in the 'Fortitude Iwo Jima' posters or remember Jackie Robinson's base stolen in 1955, you can rest assured that these art prints will also convey a message.

The same goes for geography posters, which make it easy to observe the location of various countries, as well as their size, flag and neighbors. Map posters contain less information than a spreadsheet but they are perfect for educators who prefer a targeted approach. has a nice collection of map posters, among other artwork and it goes without saying that a student is more likely to remember where a country is by admiring art prints than by reading about them.
They say that an image is worth a thousand words and upon looking at the teaching posters, this statement becomes impossible to refute. Sometimes information can become overwhelming and walls of text are known to have a deterring effect even on the most dedicated scholars. Images on the other hand can better serve education and the best of them convey the desired message in a subtle and powerful way.

Teaching Posters Tell a Compelling Story

Educators are hard pressed to meet students halfway and when conventional wisdom doesn't deliver positive results, it is worth trying something different. Teaching art prints are every bit as effective as modern infographics, but far more elegant so when you are buying one, you enjoy the best from both worlds. Teachers can use them in the same manner advertisers use the aforesaid infographics to convey a message in a more direct manner.

More Teaching Subjects

Famous Quotes

The collection of teaching posters is all encompassing, with plenty of art prints being actually famous quotes of important people who made history. Some of these words of wisdom were told in the wake of great moments or before actions of tremendous importance, so they are bound to teach and inspire at the same time. They are also going to linger in the memory longer, if students get to see them often, as opposed to hearing them once during a long and tedious lecture.

Mother Teresa Quote Black
People of Accomplishment -Da Vinci Quote
If - Red Border
Dream, Live, Today - James Dean Quote
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