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Throughout the years, fashion has encouraged many facets of life. Fashion can be seen embodied in music, education, writing, and especially art. From photography to painting, fashion has lent its hand in shaping mind-blowing artwork. Not only has trendy and eccentric clothing been the source of fashionable artwork, but everything that is involved in the fashion world. Those things include jewelry, purses, shoes, hats, umbrellas, and even perfumes. Not many would consider fashion to be a form of art, but the magical things that a beautiful outfit matched with a gorgeous pair of shoes and accessorized with shining jewels can do to a piece of art is something absolutely magnificent.
Fashion Categories

Fashion art can be used as an advertisement or to reinforce the theme of a clothing or accessory store. Fashion art can be used to show how much fashion has changed throughout the years. Most popularly, it can be used to express personality aspects of individuals. has artwork for sale in Shoe Art, Jewelry Art, Lipstick Art, Dress Art, and other sub-categories of fashion, including Umbrella Art, High Heel Art, and Perfume Art. Whichever reason would be more beneficial for purchasing a piece of fashion artwork, the purchase of a piece would not be a regrettable decision.

Haute Chapeau Rouge I
Beautiful Gaze I Neutral
At the Premiere II
Madame Monet and Her Son
Women in the Garden, 1867
Dance at Bougival
The Boat at Giverny, c.1887
fashion artwork
Fashion art can be seen as early as the Victorian era, more specifically during Impressionism. The era represented how fashion could be seen to express atmospheric moods and emotions. Impressionism brought about artists, like Claude Monet (1840-1926), Edouard Manet (1832-1883), and Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). These artists, along with many other great artists, bring a special element to artwork that no other previous artists had done - they included fashionable subjects in their artwork. Fashion artwork embodies the very essence of fashion so magnificently that it will not only make you want to go out and purchase what the person in the portrait is wearing but also make you want to dress your home in a unique way.
fashion business art
Need an exciting way to lure in customers to your brand new clothing boutique, grand opening of your new beauty salon, or the family-owned accessories shop that needs to be revamped? Fashion art is being used to show what clothing stores have available for the customers. It also embodies what the store entails. Clothing boutiques that sell elegant gowns and fancy footwear line their walls with detailed artwork that show beautiful women sporting full length, fluffy gowns, or lovely dancing couples with matching outfits. When using fashion art to advertise clothing and accessories that are sold inside of the business, it is important to display artwork that is similar to what is being sold. Business owners do not want to display artwork that does not correlate to what lines the sale racks.
Madame Monet and Her Son

If you have a store that sells jewelry and other accessories, check out 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer. If you have a boutique that sells elegant clothing or beautiful evening wear gowns and suits, check out 'Woman with a Parasol' by Claude Monet or 'Dance at Bougival' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. If you have a clothing store that sells sexy lingerie, check out 'Flaming June' by Frederic Leighton.

Les Parfum I
Art Deco Flapper Color
Vintage Fashion - Green Hat
Haute Chapeau Rouge I
Take a browse through Fashion Art to add a little bit of couture, whether historical or modern day fashion, to enhance your home decor. features paintings of hats, shoes, jewelry, make-up, and accessories, perfect for accenting closets and dressers full of clothing. By adding one of these subjects, you can add some fashionista chic to your existing design schemes. In the home is where you can creatively express who you are as a homeowner. Allow your taste in fashion to spill over onto the walls of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallways, and everywhere else in the home.

Enjoy shoes and purses? Check out 'Zebra Shoe' or 'Exotic Purse II' by Todd Williams. Have a taste for African influenced clothing? Check out 'Soul's Flight' by Keith Mallett. Need to dress-up your powder room? Check out' Perfume-Mini' by Gregory Gorham. Do you enjoy beautiful artwork that displays all-around gorgeous fashion? Check out 'Haute Chapeau Rouge I' by Marco Fabiano or 'Powder Puff' by Jeff Williams. No matter what your taste in clothing, accessories or decor is, you can find the perfect fashion art for your home.

More Fashion Categories

Fashion institutes are a great place to display fashion art in a way to educate those who are learning to become fashion designers. Paintings that were made during Impressionism show women's fashion as more elegant and dressy. In comparison, modern fashion paintings show men in dressed down attire and women sporting pants and hats. Fashion art can also serve as a memoir to how much fashion has changed over the years.

Decorating with Fashion Art

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Fifties Fashion I with Red
Spot On
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L'instant Taittinger
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