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Nothing captures the art of life better than photography. From black-and-white to color, photography is one of the most genuine forms of art. In the beginnings of photography, many questioned whether it should be considered art. Now it is a respected and valued art form. When hanging photography as art, choose a room where you can create an overall theme. A living or dining room would be a great space to create a photography food theme or hang pictures of famous restaurants. Bedrooms on the other hand would work well with a romantic or serene beach theme. Choosing the right photography subject for your room really shows tasteful decor.
Popular Photography Subjects

Enhancing Your Space

Beach photograph
animal photos
Floral Photography

To really enhance your space, you can choose three to four photograph pieces depending on the size of the room. Add pizzazz and dimension by choosing photographs of different sizes. For each room that you choose, make sure that your photographs correlate with each other so the decor looks uniform. One way to get the uniform look is by choosing a theme for each space, and decorate it according to the theme. For instance, you may want to choose scenic photography theme for your living room. When choosing the theme for your space, make sure that the elements of the photograph match the present decor of the room as well. For darkly decorated rooms, choose photographs with darker and softer tones. For brightly decorated rooms, choose photographs with festive colors. Express yourself through your photographic art and make your space pop!

Pink Flower Truck
Green Zen Garden, Kyoto, Japan
York Road Barn
Times Square, 1949
Kissing the War Goodbye
If you would prefer to spruce up a space with a historical element, vintage photography would be your best option. Vintage photography will add a touch of history and class to your home and goes great in any space. This type of photography captures moments, people, and other past historical events. Kissing the War Goodbye is a photograph of a soldier kissing a nurse after they returned from the war. These vintage photographs are mainly in black and white or sepia which make them work best in simplistic environments.
Vintage Color Photography

Add Fun to Your Space

Kids photograph
children photos
new born photography

Fun photography is any type of photos you can hang in your room that will bring you joy and fun to the room. Mix and matching photograph styles and subjects for a wilder and more fun feel. You can choose from a variety of photography, including kids, animals, and sports photography. Kid photography not only showcases fun, but innocence as well. These kids are playing and interacting with each other to create that fun feel.

Achievement - Golf Course
Golf Course on an Island, Pebble Beach Golf Links, California
Other Photography Subjects
White Gold
Waves on the beach, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Rosette nebula (NGC 2244) in Monoceros
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset
Color Photos
Color photography gives that realistic feel and captures your attention. They make it easy to get lost in the print and let your mind escape to where the photograph was taken. Color in a photograph really enhances it beyond the look of average black and white photography and really gives it a pop to come to life. Looking at color photographs, you will find you mind traveling to destinations, seeing unique animals, people and cultures. Color photography is popular because it's serene and realistic appearance adds color to the room it decorates.
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset
Hasedera-Bamboo Grove
Fishing, Surfer's Paradise, Australia
Tourist by Window of Hawa Mahal, Palace of Winds, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Sunrise with Mykonos Windmills, Mykonos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Asheville NC Blue Ridge Mountains Sunset and Fog Landscape
Opera house lit up at night, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia
Majestic Oak
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