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If you love flea markets and antique furniture, you are probably considering adding vintage posters to your space to complement that old time feel you love. Whether you're searching for a poster that will add some personality and colors to your wall or a classic framed vintage picture, has a wide selection of vintage art to fit your style. Not all walls have to be filled with classic pinup girls or advertisements! You can add a vintage painting to your room that enlivens the space without taking away from its overall feel. For example, choosing a black and white retro photograph of your favorite actor or place can transform your bathroom into a classy powder room.
Vintage Styles and Themes
Chicago World's Fair 1933
Marsala Florio
Pears II
vintage artwork
If you're looking to add a new piece of art to the kitchen, dining room or restaurant, you might be interested in one of the many vintage ads available from Italian artist and "the father of modern advertising," Leonetto Cappeillo. Working for both French and Italian companies, his advertising images depict jovial characters enjoying pasta, wine, and other assorted foods and beverages. Funky frames in both vintage and contemporary styles make these ads fun and festive for places of wining and dining. Ads from the 1920's through the 1950's are popular and fun to add a conversation piece and a little nostalgia.
Vintage Ad Categories
Miami City Palms Scene
Paris Evening And Balloon
Cote d'Azur
travel vintage art
Some of the most colorful and decorative vintage posters are travel ads. You can choose travel posters to places you've been or places you'd just like to be. From the beaches of Cote D'Azur to the mountains of Valais, Switzerland, there's something for everyone in vintage travel posters. Great for the travel industry as well as for the home or office, travel posters are a great way to get away without having to go anywhere. Vintage travel ads give your home an antique decor theme while showcasing your love for places and travel!

Decorating with Vintage Art

When deciding on the size and color of your vintage print, remember to take into account the size and place you want to display it. Finding the right frame for vintage artwork can often prove a challenge. Choosing an antique looking frame not only provides additional style but can also help smaller prints stand out. This is important when you are balancing formality and fun in your vintage styled room. If the majority of your furniture and decorations in your home lean towards conservative, adding a more playful piece of vintage art is a great way to add some style. Adding an abstract painting with a distressed frame maintains that vintage feel while adding a little pizzazz to your walls. No matter which vintage print you choose, you must make sure that it will complement your space and truly encompasses your vintage style.

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