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Country art is a category that focuses on portraying rustic and simple lifestyles. These works can portray anything from a modern country to a modern art style. Country prints encompass a variety of styles, including farms and cabins, animals and even crops. Country art prints are suitable to decorate nearly every area of the home and are often used in businesses that desire a rustic design scheme. Homes that are in the country work best for these prints because it's bringing in the outdoor views. This style also works great for decorating in non country areas because it creates the desired theme in the space.
Apple Blossoms
Valley Views
A Time to Reap
Tuscany Vineyard I
Country Landscapes
If you are a fan of nature, rustic landscape paintings and photographs show off some of the most picturesque scenes that earth has to offer. From winding country roads to snow covered hills, there is a piece of art for any natural setting you wish to display. This type of landscape art is a great way to express your love for the outdoors while showcasing your appreciation for rustic culture. This art style is capable of matching with a variety of decorative styles. For example, the vibrant "Country Spring" by Lene Alston Casey would mix well with other country decor, but can also hold its own in a room with more modern attributes.
Tractor in a field, Napa Valley, California, USA
Tractor Raking a Field, East Ryegate, Vermont, USA
Harvest Time

Which Style Is Right For You?

Country paintings and prints come in several different styles of art that you can choose from when searching for the perfect fit. If you want a break from the fine lines of realism, try decorating with folk styled country paintings to keep things simple. You can also utilize a more painterly work that has a unique and inviting appearance. If your country decor shares a common theme, you can choose a couple different styles to mix together. Since they share that theme, they won't appear too chaotic.

A Mid-Summer's Day
A Winter's Day
Hydrangeas in Mason Jars
Floral Composition with Mason Jars I
American Gothic Art
Rustic country home decorations often feature barns, houses and churches. These subjects are some of the most popular types of country artwork.

Kim Lewis and Warren Kimble are two of the many popular artists who create rustic art. Not only do they incorporate homes, barns and other farm related buildings, they also include animals, landscapes and weather. Both of them, like many rustic artists, include rustic patterns in their work to really give it that distinctive rustic country look.
Floral Composition with Mason Jars I
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