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From bathtubs to rubber ducky's, there are plenty of themes available to meet your specific needs. You can easily mix and match different sub-themes without your space appearing cluttered, as long as they share a similar style and setting. Art depicting a sink with modern attributes would mix well with bathtub art that also has an up to date feel, displaying the universal necessity of this area while keeping up with the times. The iconic rubber ducky looks good in any laid back or kid friendly space, whether reminding you of your childhood or creating one for your own children. For those who like to have fun, there are also many silly and lighthearted bathroom art prints to raise your spirits and add a few laughs to your morning routine, and bathroom word art is a wonderful way to give your area some linguistic charm. Last but not least, those with an eye for fashion can easily find the piece they need with Powder Room Art that is both chic and glamorous. Decorating your bathroom thematically is an excellent way to create a more impactful visual arrangement.
Bathroom Themes
Sundance Bath I
Palm Beach Bath I
Bathtime II
It is really important to choose a theme before you start looking for art; it will make it easier for you to find the art you are looking for and save you some time. If you have a modern styled home, you may want to start looking in contemporary bathroom art. If you are decorating a bathroom that is southern or country styled, you'll save yourself some time by starting your search in our country bath category. Looking in subcategories like these instead of sticking to the overall bathroom category will help you find the appropriate art quicker. Once you figure out what style you want you can now start shopping for art in that category. (This is the fun part!) The bathroom should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can soak in the tub and relax at the end of a hard day. With images of bathtubs and washstands in every style imaginable, and many more great bathroom images to choose from, you can find something for every bathroom in the wide variety of choices at
Red Bain III
Light Breeze Bath I
Oceanview II
Steam Bath III
Decorative Tub by Rebecca Lyon
You also need to figure out what kind of style you want your bathroom to be. Do you want a vintage styled bathroom, modern styled bathroom, or country styled bathroom? Keep in mind where your bathroom is (office, home, restaurant) so you can find appropriate art to hang. The location of the bathroom is also an important factor when decorating with art. For a master bathroom, you may want to use art that creates a spa like feeling. More appropriate art for a children's bathroom would be prints that say wash your hands, or that have bathroom rules. If your bathroom has a bold and masculine feel, try hanging an edgy black and white bathroom print such as Bath Chalk to add a touch of whimsy. A bathroom with elegant styling and soft, feminine colors would be the perfect space for a tasteful still life such as Danhui Nai's "Freesia Spa".
Wash Your Hands
Bath Chalk 08
Freesia Spa

Bathroom art is available in styles that are capable of accenting many different settings, and if you don't already have a decorative scheme for this room, a piece of quality artwork is a great way to set the tone for future adjustments. For those of you who prefer a more traditional approach, there are a variety of works depicting old fashioned bathtubs and bath accessories to remind you of a more simple era (before loofahs and moisturizing conditioners). Whatever your specific style may be, there is bound to be a piece of art to make your bathroom shine.

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bathroom artwork
Damask Bath Sink
Navy Blue Bath I
l'Heure du Bain
Giraffe Lavabo
bathroom prints
Another thing that is important to consider while looking for art is the color scheme of your bathroom. If your room is covered from top to bottom in blue, try looking for art of a different color that will compliment your blue bathroom. Doing so will make your bathroom more appealing to the eye and will lift the mood. Using different colors that match your current color scheme will help bring diversity to the room as well. You can also use art to brighten a dark, lifeless bathroom. carries bathroom art that is full of bright colors that can bring life to your dull bathroom. If your bathroom is obnoxiously bright, getting art that is slightly darker and more tranquil will help relax the mood.

Colors influence our thoughts and emotions more than we sometimes realize, and they play a very important role in decorating. When choosing bathroom paintings for your home, make sure your new piece doesn't contradict your current color scheme in an unattractive way. You will need to decide whether you want your new addition to make a lasting impression or blend in with the rest of the room. Use bold reds or oranges in a room with strong, warm colors to keep things in sync, or try a dark blue or green to make the painting stand out and demand attention. Experiment with different colors and styles to find the perfect piece for your area. If used properly, wall art makes for a great addition to any bathroom, adding character and beauty to a traditionally plain environment.

Bath time for Cows Sink
Dancing Bubbles I
Ocean Bubble Friends 1
Farmhouse Bath II Sink
bathroom posters
One important factor to keep in mind when choosing art is the size of your bathroom. For bigger bathrooms, its best to look for medium or large sized art to hang in or even a series of matching art prints. Medium and large prints will complement the bathroom without overpowering it because the room is so large. You should try to stay away from purchasing prints that will be too small; they can be ignored or over powered by everything else in the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, it is better to look for smaller prints. If the art that is chosen for your small bathroom is too large or if you get a series, it can make your bathroom look even smaller then it is and can even make it feel more cluttered. You want to have art that will complement your bathroom and help visitors to be able to relax and feel at home.

Bathrooms: Everybody has one, but very few people take the time to make theirs beautiful. Even though your restroom is purposed for utility, there is always room for some bathroom artwork to turn a blank slate into a warm and visually pleasing environment. Also keep in mind that a bland and undecorated bathroom sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise artistic home.

Decorating with Bathroom Art

bathroom artwork
bathroom art
Victorian Bath I
Freesia Spa
Beach Path

Your bathroom is probably one of the first rooms you go into in the morning and one of the last at night. The bathroom is one of the few rooms that you can have some peace and enjoy some alone time (most of the time). Whether it is an office bathroom, church bathroom, guest bathroom, or your everyday home bathroom, it's safe to say that it is a room where you probably spend a good amount of time. Why shouldn't you decorate it the way you want? Even if that means remodeling, you should enjoy the way your bathroom looks. It's nice to have something to look at other than blank walls so that you can truly be comfortable when you are in there. Don't worry, we know remodeling with art sounds scary, but when it's done right, decorating your bathroom will be a piece of cake.

More Art for Bathrooms

If your bathroom walls are looking a little lonely, bathroom wall art is a no-brainer for giving them the attention they deserve. We all know that art is a great tool for adding character and emotional depth to any visual landscape, and your bathroom is no different. This is a room that will always be in use. It is visited just as regularly as many other rooms in the building, and neglecting to keep it properly furnished will ensure that it stays bland and disrupts the decorative flow of your home or business. Bathrooms should not be boring, and bathroom art is the first step towards making this necessary and frequently visited space a place you are proud to call your own.

Choose a Finish

So after all this work you finally found the perfect art print for your bathroom, and it matches perfectly! So you order it, we ship it out to you, it arrives and looks great! You are so excited that you do not waste a moment more and you hang it up right away. Next thing you know, you see that it got splashed accidentally and now has water damage! Your new print is ruined! Luckily for you, there is a way to prevent this before it happens. Here at Fulcrum Gallery, we offer finishes that will help protect your art print from things like water damage to help it last longer. Some of the finishes we offer are getting your print laminated, on canvas, or framed. The awesome thing about the finishes is that it not only protects the image from everyday accidents, but it also puts the finishing touch on the art print. All of the finishes we offer are hand crafted to perfection. Your art will look perfect in your bathroom!

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