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Word art generally tends to come off as simple at first glance. When you look closely, word art ranges from expressing feelings to showcasing well-known quotes. Word prints can be used to spark inspiration, create humor, educate, and more! These specific print types are ideal for office and classroom spaces. Other types can be used for kitchens and restaurants like food bus rolls. Since subjects used in word art are so diverse, it makes it easy to find art for every room.
Types of Word Art
Love Square II
Boston Cities II
All Star Sports I
Chicago Cities
Wine List I
Kitchen Words II
Taurus Bus Roll
Travel Bus Rolls
Bus rolls prints combine the use of words in specific patterns and colors to create fine art. People like this style of art because you can get the message that is being portrayed without having to guess or stare at the print. They range from tons of different styles and subjects like places and people. They can be used to show your appreciation for things like food and quotes. With bus rolls that show names of different places you can display where you've traveled or want to travel to. Some of these bus rolls add a unique touch by making the words into different shapes to fit the theme. You can also use specific bus roll prints to show off things about yourself that you want people to know. Some examples are your zodiac sign, religion or your culture.
Quotes art

Famous quotes can be a way to inspire and motivate many people. Word paintings make the quotes you love a permanent addition to your home or work. You will find that many of the classics are available in colors that match a variety of settings. Displaying these famous quotes in your space not only helps you stay on track, it also conveys your beliefs and values to your guests. Tell your friends a little more about yourself with a piece of art showcasing the quote that defines your life.

If - Grey Border
Enthusiasm Jimmy V Quote
Time Quote
Enjoy Life, Jimmy V Quote
Here's to the Crazy Ones, Steve Jobs Quote
If - Red Border

Decorating with Word Art

Deciding on the right spot for your new word painting can be a bit tricky if you do not already have a place in mind. When word art is hung in the right place, it goes from just being art to an impactful expression. This type of art usually fits best in a more modern setting. Word art that includes poetry is especially suited to an area with an old world feel, as long as the colors and print style are correct. Take some time to think about the perfect spot to hang word art in your home before making your final decision. And always remember to visualize the final product of your efforts while keeping an eye out for any potential problems.

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