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When deciding to decorate your play space, there's a wide variety of styles that you can choose to include. While the most common game room theme is the dark man cave with sports themed posters covering the walls, the best way to plan out and decorate your new game room is to come up with a theme or style that reflects your personality and how the space is going to be used.
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The Family Game Room (for kids and teens too!)

If you're planning to create a playroom that will be used by all members of the family, you first want to decide what kind of recreational activities you want to have available. Start by deciding what games your kids enjoy most and which ones the whole family can participate. From there, you can decide whether or not to include things like a Foosball table, vintage arcade games and/or board games. Once you've decided on your activities, separate the space out for each. For example, if you have four people in your family and enjoy playing checkers or chess, investing in a board game table with four chairs would be a great idea.

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Once you have a basic layout and theme for your family's game room along with a list of activities you'd like to have, you want to start deciding on the decor that best compliments your family's style and personalities. If your concentration is on board games, accenting you walls with paintings of chess pieces or dominos is a great way to bring the entire look and feel of the room together by using the general theme of board games. On the other hand, if your teens enjoy playing video games and watching movies on a big screen, picking out framed posters of their favorite games or movies can help tie the room together.

...But Games Aren't Just for Kids!

When you're designing a Game Room / Bar area for entertaining guests or even just as a place to get away to in the evening, your game room should not only be a reflection of your style but also include the things you love to do most. The first thing you have to ask yourself is "What do I like to do in my spare time or to relax?" If you're a social person who loves to entertain, you'll end up treating your game room space differently than if you're planning to primarily go there to watch TV.

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Designing a Game Room to Entertain

When designing a game room to entertain guests, having bar decor is an absolute must. Prior to choosing any decorations or colors, you should segregate off different areas of the space and create a designated bar area, television watching area and any other spaces you may need. Many individuals like to include a card table for poker, a section for watching television or viewing movies, a pool table for billiards and other areas, such as a musical instrument space or an area for arcade games. Once your spaces have been determined, you can start to play around with different colors, designs and themes. For most people, the bar and big screen television areas will act as central places for people to congregate. Therefore, when settling on paint for the walls, decorations, framed art or other accents, you should first consider the layout.

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Once you've chosen your layout, you should choose a general theme or style which you plan to decorate. If you are going to choose a theme to base your room's decor around, you will want to choose wall art that reflects that theme. For example, if your bar is located in the center of the space and will be the primary destination for your game room, you might want to choose different beer advertisements or wine art to hand on your walls. If you will mostly be using this space to watch movies with friends, choosing some framed vintage movie posters can give your space some class while reinforcing the theme to your room.
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If you're including a bar in your space, you could choose an Irish pub style that includes various pub decor or vintage framed art. If you choose to go with this theme, you may want to include framed sports posters or cigar advertisements. Selecting artwork that has an old world look and feel, such as vintage beer advertisements, will give your home bar a vintage style. Remember, no matter which theme or style you decide on, you should try to keep it consistent to help unite the room while still reflecting your personality and tastes.
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For some, Las Vegas would be a dream come true. For others, Las Vegas could be a common adventure. Either way, you can bring a touch of Vegas to your own by purchasing game room wall prints. Some examples of game room posters that would add a great touch to your home are Roulette Art, Craps Art, Poker Art, and Casino Art. These examples of game room art will add a bright element to your home decor. The paintings feature loud, vibrant colors that aid in adding excitement to your home. With the perfect lighting and space, you can feel like you are in Vegas every morning and every night.
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