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Studio Nova artwork

Studio Nova

Studio Nova is a small artistic space nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania. In the studio, there is always a dog or two sleeping underfoot while working. The studio is a peaceful place which really helps sparks creativity. It is surrounded by mountains, rivers, flowers and fields which inspire the art created at Studio Nova. There is always a new play of light, or an interesting texture that is inspiration to get pencil or brush to paper. Studio Nova has had design experience in home decor for over 20 years and consistently creates art at a high quality standard. They create art in contemporary, abstract and more designs that are inspired by the nature around the studio.
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Does the place the studio is located have an effect on the art?

The mountains, rivers, flowers and fields have always been an inspiration to the art. There is always a new play of light, or an interesting texture that inspires one to get pencil or brush to paper.

What is a big art inspiration for the studio?

There were many days spent in the flea and antique markets around the area. The furniture with its patina and hand painting have had a big influence on our work.

What style of art is created at Studio Nova?

Textures play a large role. The history of the piece adds another dimension.
Studio Nova ArtStudio Nova ArtStudio Nova Art

What mediums are used most when creating art at Studio Nova?

After researching mediums and applications we would try and imitate the looks we were seeing on the furniture. This research led to processes such as gilding, striping, chinoiserie, and egg tempera. Learning the traditional ways first was an important step towards incorporating other modern mediums. We tend to use whichever medium will best express the final result. Sometimes that is acrylic; but watercolor, gouache, pastels, and oil paints all have their own unique expression. Other times, the subject matter will dictate the medium.

How would you describe artwork that is created at Studio Nova?

Our art could be described as a collage of interesting design, texture, and color.

What do artist at Studio Nova most enjoy?

When designing, we are totally engrossed and occasionally surprising things happen along the way. That is the exciting part! It is fun to picture an idea and then see its completion on the paper or canvas. Imagination comes into play a lot to "design" the picture before ever pulling out the canvas.
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