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Katie Pertiet artwork

Katie Pertiet

For over twenty five years, Katie Pertiet has been a professional graphic designer and artist. Aside from graphic design, Pertiet has also worked as an art director. Pertiet's vintage style of art includes mostly flowers, insects, and birds. The backgrounds to her art pieces have vintage post cards, script, and intricate patterns. Her pieces compliment any room from the bathroom to the bedroom and even offices. Pertiet's pieces bring a tranquil feel to any room. Most of her pieces have neutral earth tone colors which make them easy to match in any style or color room. Scroll down to find out more information about Katie Pertiet and her personal and career life.
Katie Pertiet PrintsKatie Pertiet ArtKatie Pertiet Art Prints

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I have wanted to be an artist as far back as I can remember. My dad was in publishing and I was doing little technical illustrations for him as a pre-teen. Art and photography were a large part of my teen years and went off to college where I majored in graphic design.

Did your love for art influence your past jobs? If so, how?

Definitely. Working as a graphic designer and art director fine tuned my sense of composition and balance. As I evolved my Photoshop skills, my art went from traditional medium of watercolors and acrylics to digital which opened a whole range of art and helped me to evolve into the artist I am today.

How did art play a role in your life as a mother?

I consider myself a 'maker'. I love to craft. I love to decorate. And I love to inspire. My love for art and scrapbooking grew immensely when my daughter was born. And I had my daughter join in the making and crafting before she was two. I keep busy scrapbooking and capturing our memories and making memory books so she always has the memories to look back on. And now that she's twenty she still loves to look at the old albums and texts me pictures to be sure I'm still documenting her college memories too! And she's still a maker too with a definite love for art!
Katie Pertiet PrintsKatie Pertiet ArtKatie Pertiet Art

What style do you classify your art as?

I would say my art is vintage-inspired mixed media.

How do you use technology to create your relaxing and inspiring pieces?

I use vintage ephemera and documents along with hand-painted canvases, and through Photoshop, collage and layer them into new, mixed media works of art.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I enjoy photography, scrap booking, knitting and embroidery.
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Your art is full of nature and uplifting sayings. What is your inspiration to create these pieces?

I choose to be happy. I like to surround myself with happy thoughts and positive, calming imagery so I love to share images of botanicals, flowers, butterflies and birds with uplifting sayings so that others can feel inspired too.
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