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Rebecca Meyers artwork

Rebecca Meyers

Rebecca Meyers is an artist born in Vancouver, BC Canada. She attended college at the Langara fine arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Rebecca started creating artwork at a very young age but did not start selling her work until she was in her first year of college. Food, dancing, gardening and simply thinking are few of the many things that get Rebecca in her creative zone to create artwork. A few side hobbies that she enjoys doing is bike riding, dancing, traveling, food and anything that involves being in nature.
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"I find inspiration in everything. I see it everywhere now but also in the past."

What is one way to use a pencil other than drawing or writing?

You could use it to poke holes into the top of my dried acrylic paint tubes.

If you had the opportunity to relive the last 10 years of your life, what is one thing you would do different?

The only thing I would change is not to worry so much. Things have a way of working out.

When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?

I've always seen myself as an artist. I guess I really first started to envision myself as one at 10 years old but, back then, I saw myself as an artist not a painter. Painting is currently my focus but I live my life as an artist.

Have you always worked independently or with a team since the start of your career in the arts?

I am a brilliant collaborator. I like parameters to work within but I either do that myself or get them from someone else. It is always a good challenge.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

I love being an artist because of the way I see the world - out of the eyes of an artist.
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What is your favorite saying or quote?

"Don't close the door before you open it."

How do you know when a piece you're working on is done?

It's really hard to describe. It is a feeling if you are in tune to it - you just know and recognize it.

What do you feel is your greatest strength in your art?

My art is diverse and painterly so I think my greatest strength if my freedom of expression.

If you were an art piece, what are 3 styles would you? Why?

Abstract expressionism because I am free, expressive and alive. Classical because I am grounded and I have strong principles. And contemporary photograph because I am very much a lover of ideas.

Where do you see yourself as an artist within the next 10 years?

In the future, I see myself continuing to get better at what I do - to become more acknowledged and financially successful in my work.
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