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James Johnson artwork

James Johnson

Born and raised in upstate New York, James W. Johnson is an artist who now lives in Lubbock, Texas. He moved to Texas in 1978. He received his Masters degree in Fine Arts in 1981 from Texas Tech University. In 2001, he was the co-winner of the William D. Kerns Award for the Visual Arts. Johnson's pieces sold at mostly include animals, insects and abstract creations. His abstract pieces are full of bright color combinations that spark creativity. This makes them great decor for home and business offices, classrooms and any other room that could use a spark.
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Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Upstate NY. In 1978, I moved to West Texas to attend graduate school at Texas Tech University.

Where do you live now?

I live in a house/studio in Lubbock, TX. I always thought if I found a better place to live, I would move. After 37 years, I haven't...

Does the place you live have an effect on your art?

Life is what affects an artist's art and where one lives is part of that. Where I live, the huge, usually clear sky combines with a relatively uncomplicated lifestyle to create a sense of freedom that allows the imagination to flourish.
"My best advice for aspiring artists would be to just make art. The more you do, the better you will get, as long as you keep trying to make it a more personal expression of yourself and know how you see the world. And remember that you cannot do it wrong."

How did you get a career as an artist?

I went to college as a chemistry major and took an art course as an elective. I fell in love the art, changed my major and at 20 years old, decided I was going to spend my life making art. To me, it was an exciting challenge and every effort is rewarded with a piece of art.

What is one thing about you that most people don't know?

Most people don't know that I do have a serious side.

What styles of art have you tried? Which is your favorite?

I have tried most every style there is, to some degree. In 2003, I wrote a manifesto on the importance of an artist not being limited by "style". The style should be determined by the subject matter of a piece, not a concern with stylistic consistency.
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Is there a style of art you are interested in trying?

I cannot think of one that I haven't tried but I know there are combinations of disparate styles that may be in my future.

What mediums do you use for your art? (Graphic design, painting, pastels, sculpting, etc.) Why do you like these mediums the best?

I am mostly working with acrylics, oils, and inks at the present time because of their versatility and simplicity. In the past, I have used all kinds of drawing and painting media, some mixed media and wood sculpture, and many digital and video pieces.

Have you always worked independently or have you worked with a team since the start of your career in the arts? Which do you prefer?

I have mostly worked independently for the last 40 years. Although, I have been married to 3 different artists in that time which was very beneficial and not unlike working in a team.
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