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Jeff Hoff Interview


I am currently living in Jamestown, ND. Growing up in North Dakota has allowed me to research and study many of my favorite wildlife subjects that I enjoy painting. When I started painting wildlife, my first subjects I focused on were ducks. So being in the central flyway of many waterfowl species allowed me to observe my subjects first hand.
Other subjects that I enjoy painting are grizzly bear, black bear, elk, moose, & songbirds. Being able to observe your subjects more often allows an artist to gain that much more knowledge of what you are painting which I believe carries over into the painting.

Cool Down - GrizzlyHummingbird Purple - ColumbineOtter Tail River OttersGarden Sapphire - Bluebird

I've tried painting in an impressionistic style in the past. I like impressionistic style paintings and really admire the artists that can paint in that style. For myself though, whenever I have tried to paint in an impressionistic style, my paintings tend to gravitate back to realism. Sometime I would like to try just painting a landscape without any wildlife in the piece or even try some fantasy art. I've always been amazed at how some fantasy artists can create things that really don't exist but are able to paint their subjects in a way so that it makes the viewer think twice about it.

Hint of Gold - Goldfinch and Lilacs

What mediums do I use for my art? For the most part, acrylics are my medium of choice. They dry fast and allow me to continue working on a painting without any delays.

Monarchs of the Prairie - Bluebirds
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