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John Zaccheo Wall Art

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2 Items
Wine Fine Art Print
12" x 12"
Price: $120.99
Sale: $120.99
Wine Tasting II Fine Art Print
Wine Tasting II
4" x 10"
Price: $86.99
Sale: $86.99
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2 Items
John Zaccheo is an internationally recognized artist - an accomplished professional sculptor, painter, and a renowned fine portraiture artist. Whether painting in an abstract, impressionist or realist style, Zaccheo is a master at using both a palette knife and a brush. With each stroke he is creating color and form that captivate the viewer as it explodes on the canvas. Since he employs form and color to improvise on each other thereby articulating natural harmony, his paintings have been referred to as more lush than the handy work of nature. Rich in texture his painting captures a sense of light which magically changes appearance and magnifies form. His colors are so smoothly interconnected that they seem to be a single movement. Light and color dance across his canvas as he recreates the effervescence of life. Zaccheo is much admired for his technical merit. His paintings are alive with luxurious detail and color.

He finds inspiration for his work from his extensive travels and his affinity for the natural world - he has meandered through 60 countries. Mediterranean seaports and villages, alluring country settings and flower gardens brim with energy when rendered with his devotion to light. His paintings reside in the museums and libraries of the following subjects: Prime Minister Began of Israel, President Sadat of Egypt, President Kennedy, President Reagan, and President Carter. Zaccheo has also painted portraits for Anthony Quinn, Gregory Peck, and Tony Bennett. He also created the painting of the original landing on the moon. This official artwork was presented to astronaut, Neil Armstrong.
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