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Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Wall Art

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11" x 16"
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Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (Born in 1683) was born in Gardelegen. He was a well known German apothecary. Weinmann was born to Matthias Christian Weinmann who was a barber. He responsible for the publication of the "Phytanthoza Iconographia." which is not only the first botanical work to contain mezzotints printed in color, but is also one of the largest florilegia ever produced. Weinmann employed a number of engravers and artists to work on this project, most notably a distinguished German botanical artist called George Dionysius Ehret. In the project, Weinmann used line engraving in combination with the mezzotint technique to yield a greater subtlety of line and richer textures than was previously possible. The plates used in the project accurately and beautifully depict trees, plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Weinmann started work as an assistant of an apothecary. He was very successful in Regensburg so that in 1712 he was able to purchase an apothecary shop and a house.

He married Isabella Catharina, the daughter of a rich wine merchant. Isabella died in 1732, and shortly afterwards the death of Isabella, Weinmann was married again, this time to Christine Catharina, the daughter of a town official. Weinmann became embroiled in a drawn-out dispute after his first marriage. The dispute was between him and the local physicians and apothecaries. It was brought about in 1713 by his appointment as Hospital Apothecary. The Town Council intervened in 1715 to resolve the dispute. His adversaries were instructed not to trouble him again, while he was reprimanded. He soon resumed his successful career, becoming a town councilor, then a commercial assessor, and finally a city assessor.
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