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Gilbert Stuart Wall Art

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James Madison Fine Art Print
James Madison
18" x 24"
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Gilbert Stuart (Born in 1755) was born in Rhode Island. He was known for beginning directly upon the canvas, working without the aid of sketches. This was very unusual for the time period. Today Stuart’s art can be found at art museums throughout Great Britain and the United States, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, D.C., the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the National Portrait Gallery in London. Stuart got his baptism at Old Narragansett Church, and today his birthplace is open to the public as the Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum. Many artists visit this place for inspiration. Stuart moved to Newport when he was 7 years old. This is where his father worked in a merchant field. And it was here that Stuart first began to show great promise as a painter.

He had a Scottish tutor, a painter called Alexander Cosmo under whose guidance, he painted the portrait of Dr. Hunter's Spaniels, which became very famous and today hangs in the Hunter House Manison in Newport. His prospects as a portraitist were laid on the line by the onset of the American Revolution and its social disruptions. He never gave up; he produced many other pieces of artwork that were very successful including the portrait of William Grant which received much acclaim. Today, his art is highly priced by many collectors and is availed through many outlets all over the world. Many of his clients purchase his art because they are inspiring.
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