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Mauro (Born 1949) brings together elements of Pop Art, Minimalism and Conceptual Art in elegantly sculptured body of work made of steel, chrome, crystals and resin. He relies on symbols to convey meaning, his light-hearted, attractive pieces deal out pointed social and political critique, subtly addressing some of the most pressing issues in the modern society. Mauro moved to Rome after working for some years in Milan where he was born. Initially, his heart was into acting and while in Rome he enrolled for classes in theatre studies and after completion, he started to act film and worked with Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor. He was given many more film roles as his interest in acting grew. He then decided to set up a production company with hope of initiating better films than what were then in the market.

However, after working in film industry for some time, Mauro changed his course. He decided to move to London where he started working on architectural and design works. Mauro felt being a full-time artist was more satisfying so he sold his home and his architectural and design practice so he could become a full-time artist. With pieces of his artwork in public and private collections in Britain and the United States, Mauro has achieved worldwide acclaim since his arrival on the art scene. He has found contentment in dedicating himself to art and he experimented with different materials before he perfected the formulation of the resin he wanted to use and patented it. His work has been the subject of group and solo shows across America and Europe and has taken part in numerous art fairs.
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