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5 Items
Euphony Fine Art Print
36" x 27"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $94.99
Sale: $47.49
African Elegance I Fine Art Print
African Elegance I
13" x 32"
Price: $46.99
Sale: $23.49
African Elegance II Fine Art Print
African Elegance II
13" x 32"
Price: $46.99
Sale: $23.49
Flowers and Fruits II Fine Art Print
Flowers and Fruits II
20" x 28"
Price: $56.99
Sale: $28.49
Euphony 3 Fine Art Print
Euphony 3
17" x 27"
Price: $51.99
Sale: $25.99
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5 Items
The first expressions of artistic creativity of Lee White (1948-2004) were recognized when he was eight years old by his grandmother, Lizzy, who would set aside time for him to practice. By age 12, White received the Mayor's Trophy for Artists sponsored by the Miami Herald. He later studied at the California College of Commercial Design at the City College of Los Angeles and subsequently received a degree in free art from the California Institute of Arts. During the 1970s and '80s, he shifted his focus to serigraphy and worked under master printmaker Warren Woodward. Soon after, White relocated to the Southeast, where he continued to work with leading attics and printmakers. His experiences in Florida, California, the Caribbean and the Southeast offered White many diverse cultural experiences, which, in turn, contributed to his style. White's artwork, which includes figuratives, abstract expressions, still lifes and collages, are featured in private and corporate collections.
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