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Secret Story Fine Art Print
Secret Story
24" x 32"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $68.99
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1 Item
Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dennis Carney first pursued a path in commercial art and design. After receiving a B.F.A in advertising art from the University of North Texas, he worked as an art director in Texas for seven years. He then moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to pursue fine art and developed an expressive style inspired in large part by his study with master ceramicist Peter Voulkus. Carney's work employs layering of texture and glazes with fragments of imagery that evoke history and antiquity. Images have a neoclassic, romantic quality; the underlying, complex construction/deconstruction echoes the cycles of nature, growth and change. His attunement to nature also leads Carney to spend time in the outdoors, whether hiking and skiing in the mountains or fishing or rafting on the rivers.
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