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Heidi Westum Wall Art

Heidi Westum is a photographer who is celebrated around the globe because of her close-up macro photography. Her creativity has marveled many viewer as it shines in each piece of photography she produces. With a focus on the natural world, Heidi’s collection is memorable and striking. She’s a celebrated photographer who captures everything from landscapes to flowers and all that’s in between – but she tends to lean towards flowers. Her photography style has inspired many artists, and her photographs almost have etherealness in their Dali-like quality. Each piece plays with color in a pensive way. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, her photography is layered for a look. To Heidi, a flower isn’t just a flower, but a subject of a masterpiece.

Her works bring vitality to any space with nature as his primary subject. Her body of work transforms ordinary subjects into visions that leave on the viewer a lasting impression. Heidi isn’t afraid to take risks whenever it comes to capturing eye-catching moments in nature. Without missing a beat, she can go from place to place in search of the best flowers to capture, all the while creating mystical, romantic, photography. Her collection takes the viewer on a journey. Even though she’s been in the arts industry for many years, the artist is still open to learning as she believes this is the best way to improve her photography. She also likes to visit art museums and participates in art exhibitions. All these have helped to popularize her art.
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