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Rob Delamater Wall Art

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The works of Rob Delamater (Born 1966) are created using various forms of painting, collage and printmaking (monoprints in water-based paints hand-painted on archival paper). In 2015 he began working on much larger pieces in gouache and sometimes in a combination of common house paint and other mixed media. He applies the combining lessons he has learnt in his printmaking practice with traditional oil painting techniques. Delamate often uses found vintage books, antique papers, and other ephemera in his work. He thinks that his most successful pieces combine simplicity and "wabi sabi", the Japanese concept of finding beauty in imperfection. Each of Delamater’s new pieces begins with either an idea about colors or a sketch. And it always comes from what he has directly experienced in the real world. His pieces that are stone-inspired began with a drawing he made of an arrangement of fallen rocks that he came across high up in the Andes of Peru.

He was attracted to and fascinated with the rocks and says an act of nature had created a perfect composition. That fascination has continued with his exploration of the Northern California coast. His collectors Include: Nate Berkus Interiors, Charlize Theron, Ken Fulk Interiors, Tom Ford, Orlando Diaz Azcuy Interiors and Jay Jeffers Interiors. He’s enamored with objects, ideas, people and stories from the past. Delamater has been very impacted by the Bloomsbury Group believed in making as much as they could themselves (furniture, textiles, fine art, ceramics) and valued the gifts of friendship which was rare in those days, especially between men and women.
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