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Sidney Aver Wall Art

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Sidney Aver has a collection of high quality works of art that have become the admiration of many – both artists and non-artists. Today her art can be seen in several galleries, museums, institution and homes around the world. Her art is highly priced by many discerning collectors because they can be used to decorate all spaces and are also inspiring. Sidney loves the simple beauty she finds in natural light. It’s a goal of hers to live mostly outdoors. She says that to her, no two days are ever the same and the light is ever changing - it’s a rare day for her not to have her camera; she doesn’t want to miss anything. Sidney is ahead of her time and she particularly emphasizes that people only need to move through what seems impossible to reach to a point where they believe that it is possible.

Her art draws a lot of attention from artists and non-artists as well, and they are highly priced by many collectors. Due to her hard work and dedication, she has received numerous awards. Her images; the detailed pieces of art and designs are highly evocative. She has control over her technique and style. That’s why she produces unique pieces of art. Her images are a visual account of her days. Sidney spends a lot of time on long walks outside, mind wandering, lazing around in the grass, and always with a camera in hand. Examples of her work can be found in many esteemed public and private collections.
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