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Charles Fenner Ball Wall Art

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Charles Fenner (Born in 1968) was born in Los Angeles, and relocated to the east coast in his first year with his family. Throughout his life, he’s been engaged in visual arts of one kind or another. He has done drawing, design and photography. Fenner is willing to try his hands on anything. But when he discovered oil painting, he realized that he had found his medium. He started wondering whether there’s any other art form that’s so luxurious, versatile, and expressive. He would characterize his paintings as having a dose of impressionism, a representational style, with a slightly contemporary edge. This is not necessarily by design, but just because that’s how they seem to come out. He says this is a product of his personality, he supposes, in some semi-mysterious way.

Fenner has no fancy metaphysical philosophies which he can use to describe his artwork, no flowery and poetic words. He’s reluctant to talk about his paintings at all, as he hopes that they speak for themselves. His subsequent relocation to the east after his birth in the west set the stage for a continuing west / east crisis of geography. Particular, Fenner loves both New England and the Southwest – more so for the richness they offer him as an artist working in oils. The beauty of the trains and the lands, are two things that really move him - so this comprises quite a number of my subject matter. He spends much of his time devising a way to eliminate the Midwest.
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