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Philippe Debongnie Wall Art

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Philippe Debongnie is an artist from Belgium. He is especially keen on portraiture, and is intrigued by the human figure and face. He works with various media including painting, illustration, and digital arts. His works are based on the human form that fuses elements of Photoshop with sketching and painting. The process gives his works a handmade look while allowing him to retouch the images to create unique assemblages that leaves the viewer in awe. Debongnie combines human forms with animal faces in settings reminiscent of vintage photographs. This creates whimsical portraits incorporating contemporary designs that are very bold. He finds the human figure to be so full of everything. He says he could draw faces for the rest of his life.

The way people behave, think, dress, sing, talk, and all they do inspire him a lot and that really makes him want to portray them. Debongnie currently resides in Brussels Belgium with his two young children and beautiful wife. He teaches at Saint-Luc in Brussels, and fills his free time with painting, drawing, and running his personal blog. Debongnie does not have any pets because he finds humans much more interesting to look after. He works with a range of tools and mediums which results in imagery with slightly off-killer feel imparting fresh originality. The Duvel jury chose his design as the winner for this freshness which stood out. His works are sold in many outlets are selling in large numbers because of their high quality and originality.
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