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Alida Latham / Danita Delimont Wall Art

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Alida Latham is a photographer based in Seattle. She spends most of her time traveling the world and documenting the environments, wildlife and cultures she sees. Her work has been shown at Honeychurch Antiques, Seattle Art Museum, and has been published in National Geographical. She is an ndependent photography professional with a BFA in metalsmithing from the Uniersity of Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art, Ceramics and Theater Design from Colorado Women’s College. Alida is a member of Lambda Rho Society and is represented by Danita Delimont, a group of fun loving photography professionals from all over the world striving for a quality lifestyle, enriched through their work with outstanding images and astonishing image makers.

Because of her diverse experiences in the business world, Alida recognizes the importance of relationships and associating with fellow professionals and she looks forward to developing relationships even with her clients. Alida has produced hundreds if not thousands of photographs. Her fans are found in all corners of the world. Surprisingly, her fan-base is still expanding as the demand for her art is increasing. Her photos are easily recognizable among the images of other artists. This is because she uses a unique style in their production. Alida is still open to learning new technique and is continuously working to improve her art. Many collectors and art stores stock her art in large numbers because of they high demand. Her keenness to detail has earned her reputation among her fellow photographers, and even among photography students and teachers.
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