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Girolamo Genga Wall Art

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Battle Scene Fine Art Print
Battle Scene
29" x 22"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Girolamo Genga (1476 – 1551) was an Italian musician, sculptor, painter, as well as an architect. He was born in Urbino and at a young age he went to study in Orvieto with Luca Signorelli, who was a draughtsman and painter. It is in Orvieto that the artist produced much of his best works, which most likely became a strong influence on Genga for his future works. Though, he still broadened his influence by befriending a young Raphael, and also training under Pietro Perugino of the Umbrian School of painting. Raphael was also from Urbino. Some of Genga’s early works were executed in Siena and Florence, but also painting some in Rome, then returning to Urbino. He became well known for his painting scenes for plays and his contributions to theatrical works.

Genga was praised for his works in decorations for patrons such as the Duke of Urbino, Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, Pandolfo Petrucci, his successor and nephew, Francesco Maria I della Rovere, and other working class patrons. Francesco Maria valued him greatly and he took Genga to Cesena and Mantua when he was expelled by Pope Leo X, from where Genga also traveled to Pesaro. Genga was made an official architect and decorator of the city when the Duke was in the long run permitted back into Urbino. Genga sculpted some of his works and also made models in terra-cotta, clay and wax. He also enhanced his talent in music by designing instruments. Some of his well known paintings are now in Florence and in some prestigious buildings around the world.
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